NINO Percussion Kids Mixed Rhythm Set - 12 Pcs


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Unlock a world of percussion sounds with the Nino Percussion Mixed Rhythms Sets! Whether in the classroom or at home, these sets provide a diverse range of rhythms and instruments that young musicians will love.

Each set features an exciting mix of real, fun-to-play rhythm instruments, perfect for hands-on learning. These sets allow kids to explore and understand the elements of percussion in a delightful and interactive way.

Ideal for teachers and parents alike, these sets create an engaging musical environment that sparks creativity and passion in young minds. Watch as children immerse themselves in the joy of making music, developing essential skills, and discovering their own rhythmical expression.

Make learning percussion a captivating adventure with Nino Percussion Mixed Rhythms Sets. Whether for educational purposes or simply to have fun at home, these sets promise a complete and rewarding percussion experience for young musicians of all levels!


  • Suitable for Classrooms or at home
  • Included: 4 egg shakers, 4 egg Maracas, 2 hand drums, 2 tambourines, 3 mallets

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