NINO Percussion Wood Kalimba 5 Keys - Green


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NINO Wood Kalimbas are the perfect way to introduce children to the wonderful world of music! With their great sound and melodic capabilities, these instruments make learning music an enjoyable and engaging experience.

Featuring five chrome-plated steel keys tuned to specific notes, the NINO Wood Kalimbas produce a light and pleasant sound, perfect for both recreational play and classroom settings. The solid wood body of these kalimbas ensures that the notes played resonate fully, resulting in rich and captivating tones.

These kalimbas are more than just toys; they are ideal instruments for nurturing the fundamentals of rhythm and melody in young musicians. Let your children explore the joy of creating music and developing their musical skills with NINO Wood Kalimbas. Watch as they become entranced by the delightful sounds they can create, igniting a lifelong passion for music from an early age.


  • Material: Radiata Pine
  • Five chrome plated steel keys
  • Solid wood construction
  • Light and pleasant sound
  • Age rating: 5+

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