Nuvo Clarineo


Colour: Black with Silver
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Perfect beginner clarinet in C designed for younger children and beginners. The use of modern materials and technology has reduced the weight and size of the clarinet so that younger and smaller children can play comfortably (it is a third of the weight of a standard Bb clarinet!). 

The clarinet still delivers incredible tone and large range of notes despite the non-traditional design. The Nuvo Clarineo is a popular choice with teachers and schools, and they are ideal for any beginner or player who is too small for a standard Bb Clarinet.


  • Durable plastic body and keywork.
  • Waterproof silicon rubber pads
  • Instrument comes assembled, ready to play in a sturdy padded case with shoulder strap.
  • Standard fingering system (same as Bb) but without duplicate keys. 
  • Ideal for schools, beginners or education

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