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The NUVO Dood is a brand new concept for single reed music performance. A natural next step for a child playing the recorder, the Dood is a great way to introduce single-reed skills at an early age. With it's mellow clarinet-like sound, the Dood makes a great addition to any ensemble.

The Dood has recorder-like fingering with a simple yet durable key system that helps small fingers to cover the holes. The instrument is in the key of C and is fully chromatic over one octave with extra notes in the second register. The instrument has a chromatic range of one octave and features a simple, durable key cover system, perfectly designed for smaller hands to make the playing easier.

Each DooD is fully waterproof so can be washed frequently with warm soapy water, and comes supplied with two Nuvo resin reeds (can also be used with Eb Clarinet reeds), a durable case, fingering chart and clarinet style mouthpiece.

We are confident that the fun and colourful DooD instruments will be a great choice for young children and education services, providing a fun learning experience that will motivate them to continue with musical education.

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