Nuvo jFlute


Colour: Black with Silver
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The Nuvo jFlute 2.0 range is designed specifically with beginners in mind. The jFlute is perfect for learners as young as 5 and with its durable, washable body, handy features and creative design options everyone can have a fun, colourful learning experience! This particular model comes in a classy black with steel trim. 

Learning to play with the correct embouchure can be quite difficult for a beginner, especially when you cannot wait to make your first sounds! This can prove to be very frustrating in early stages of your studies, but not with the jFlute! The patented firstnote mouthpiece, which is similar to the one of a recorder, allows you to make a good sound right away.

The jFlute is easy to clean and incredibly durable making it an ideal first step towards playing the Flute or other woodwind instruments.


  • Lightweight Plastic Body
  • Includes cleaning rod and cloth, O-ring grease, key extensions
  • Suitable for players as young as 5
  • Sleek black finish with steel trim
  • Ideal for schools, beginners or education

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