Nuvo jHorn


Colour: White with Blue
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Introducing the brilliant new white and blue trim Nuvo jHorn! Supplied in Bb for traditional brass band or wind band scoring, the jHorn also comes with a set of easily interchangeable C tubes to bring the instrument up to concert pitch alongside the rest of the Nuvo family; jSax, jFlute and Clarineo.

Brass instrument fingerings are transferrable, so the skills and techniques learned on the jHorn can be implemented anywhere in the brass family. The jHorn occupies the same register as the baritone horn, euphonium and trombone.

Made from durable ABS resin with Nuvo’s patented rotary face valves, the jHorn weighs just 0.7kg and measures 36cm long x 30cm wide; ideal for younger players starting their brass performance journey. As with all Nuvo instruments, it is completely waterproof which makes it very easy to keep clean – a quick dip in the washing-up bowl or even the bath and it’s ready to go! 

All of this musical brilliance is protected in a bespoke solid case with very handy back straps for ease of transportation. The mouthpiece is supplied with a selection of three silicone cups. This offers the most perfect fit for your embouchure, with variations on cup diameter and rim width. Also available in black, white with green trim, and white with pink trim.


  • Patented rotary face valves
  • Multi-cup mouthpiece with 3 silicone cups to develop different embouchures
  • Great feeder instrument for brass bands
  • Supplied in Bb with an additional set of C tubes to make the instrument compatible with the rest of the Nuvo family
  • Supplied with supportive and comfortable carry case
  • Weight: 0.7kg
  • Length: 36cm

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