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Following the popularity of the pBone comes pBone Mini, a fully functioning Eb alto trombone constructed from ABS and glass fibre. Like its bigger brother, the pBone mini provides an authentic trombone sound while being much more durable than a brass trombone. The smaller size of the pBone Mini is easier for smaller children who struggle with the size of the Bb trombone to play.

Ergonomic and Accessible

The pBone Mini weighs less than half that of a metal trombone, making it ideal for younger children who struggle with the weight and balance of full size brass trombone. The pBone’s ergonomic shape promotes goods posture and allows for several left-hand positions. Even the smallest hands can find a comfortable grip on the instrument.


The ABS and fibre glass plastics used to make the pBone Mini are immeasurably stronger than brass. Not only are dings and dents in the slide a thing of the past but gone too are the lengthy do’s and don’ts, and shouts of ‘be careful!’ across the classroom. pBone Mini isn’t completely indestructible, but alongside the Jiggs pBone, it’s surely the most robust trombone ever built.

Innovative Design Features

The pBone Mini has a specially designed mouthpiece with a smaller than usual diameter. This facilitates playing a wide range of notes as well as being great for trumpet players who want to play the pBone Mini in order to teach the instrument. The unique fibre glass slide is designed to break in and improve over time. The pBone Mini shares the ingenious water key and slide locking mechanism with the original pBone.

Great for Education

Like the Jiggs pBone, the pBone Mini is having a profound effect on teaching brass instruments. The smaller size of the Mini is suitable for children as young as 3 and the bright colour and ease of playing help to engage classes with the trombone like never


  • Pitched in Eb
  • Robust ABS 7” Bell
  • Lockable slide
  • Easy to hold and play thanks to a custom designed ergonomic grip
  • Glass-fibre slide makes for a smooth action that breaks in and improve over time - the glass fibre construction is also a lot more robust than a standard trombone slide so you're less likely to damage it!
  • Water key - pBone's own unique design
  • Lightweight
  • Carry bag included
  • Supplied with pBone Mini, Small Shank mouthpiece

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