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The pBone is a remarkable plastic trombone that provides an authentic trombone tone using an innovative ABS and fibre glass design. Affordable, fun to play and incredible durable, the pBone has gained huge popularity with beginners and advanced players alike. This stunning black finish with matching mouthpiece looks fantastic and is bound to be the centre of attention.

The pBone is a great innovation in trombone design. Not only does the plastic body mean that the pBone is more durable than a traditional trombone, it also weighs much less. This has made the instrument hugely popular with teachers who find the trombone’s fun, quirky appearance inspires children to pick up and learn the instrument.

Durable Construction
The pBone is extraordinarily strong. The ABS one-piece bell and fibre glass slide won’t dent if knocked or dropped like a traditional brass trombone, allowing beginners to play without the fear of damaging the instrument.

Lightweight and Ergonomic Design
Another advantage the pBone has over a brass trombone is that it is extremely lightweight - only 800g, allowing younger children who usually wouldn't be able to support the weight of the instrument a chance to play. This also makes it easier to transport and ideal for taking places you might not want to take a traditional brass instrument, whether you’re on your bike, on the bus or on the beach. The pBone’s design also makes it easy to find a comfortable way to hold the instrument no matter what size and shape your hands are.

Carbon Neutral

Rest assured knowing that any plastic instrument from Warwick Music is Carbon Neutral. Their carbon emissions caused by manufacturing the instruments have been balanced by funding an equivalent amount of carbon savings elsewhere in the world.


  • Pitched in Bb
  • Robust ABS 8” Bell
  • Lockable slide
  • Easy to hold and play thanks to a custom designed ergonomic grip
  • Glass-fibre lockable slide makes for a smooth action that breaks in and improve over time - the glass fibre construction is also a lot more robust than a standard trombone slide so you're less likely to damage it!
  • Water key - pBone's own unique design
  • Lightweight - only 800g!
  • Comes with good quality carry bag
  • Includes pBone 11C and pBone 6.5AL mouthpiece designed specifically to match the trombone

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