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From the makers of ever popular pBone and pTrumpet, pBuzz is designed to capture the interest of younger musicians and teach them the basics of playing a brass instrument in a fun, exciting way. This is a fantastic choice for schools and workshops and, as well as providing an excellent learning tool and introduction to the brass family, pBuzz also offers a superb value for money, making music accessible to everyone.

The pBuzz is pretty much a simplified version of the trombone - it features an authentic trombone mouthpiece and a moveable slide to change the pitch, however, it is more compact and certainly a lot lighter than a traditional instrument, which makes it easy for younger players to start making their first steps towards playing a real instrument.

The colourful pBuzz slide has 6 notes throughout, which are highlighted by traditional notation, colours and numbers using the Orff system, so you don't even need to be able to read music to get started. This can also be an excellent tool for people with learning difficulties and it is, without a doubt, much more fun than a recorder and easier to play than some of the beginner instruments on the market.

Rest assured knowing that any plastic instrument from Warwick Music is Carbon Neutral. Their carbon emissions caused by manufacturing the instruments have been balanced by funding an equivalent amount of carbon savings elsewhere in the world.


  • Colourful extendable instrument that is fantastic for learning to play
  • Enables the younger player to start taking up the basics of a brass instrument
  • Coloured, numbered and notated slide using the Orff system
  • Range of 6 notes (C, B, Bb A, G, F)
  • Made from plastic, the pBuzz is robust and durable
  • Supplied with a plastic trombone mouthpiece
  • Compatible with any small shank trombone mouthpiece
  • Excellent choice for children and classrooms
  • Designed and developed by the makers of pBone & pTrumpet

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