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The revolutionary pTrumpet is the world’s first ever fully functioning plastic trumpet. Featuring a unique interchangeable valve design, one-piece patented lead pipe and adjustable slides, the pTrumpet combines an authentic trumpet sound with a robust plastic body. Two mouthpieces and high-quality carry bag are included.

Innovative Design Features

A completely unique plastic valve system has been developed for the pTrumpet, featuring interchangeable valves which make maintaining the instrument quick and simple, even for inexperienced players. The patented lead pipe design helps to produce a vibrant, rich trumpet sound while remaining incredibly robust and lightweight. The main, third and first valve slides of the pTrumpet are fully adjustable to aid tuning.


The pTrumpet weighs only 500g- half the weight of a metal trumpet, helping younger players to start on the instrument without worrying about the weight and balance of a heavy brass instrument. The ergonomic shape promotes good posture and correct hand positioning allowing hands of all shapes and sizes find a comfortable grip on the instrument. The pTrumpet is also very reasonably priced- perfect as starter instrument or a second practice instrument for advanced and professional players to take with them anywhere!

A Big Hit in Education

Like the pBone, the pTrumpet has become an extremely popular instrument for education. The bright and rich colours and the immediacy that the pTrumpet brings to the learning experience keeps children engaged, especially in large group and class settings. Two mouthpieces- 3C and 5C, are included with the pTrumpet to allow you to select the most comfortable. Any standard brass mouthpiece is also compatible.

Go Anywhere

The plastic body of the pTrumpet is much more durable than a traditional instrument and able to withstand impacts that would demolish a brass trumpet- dings and dents in the bell are a thing of the past! This makes the pTrumpet a perfect travel companion. Practice anywhere you can imagine, including places you wouldn’t dream of taking your expensive brass trumpet.

BioCote Technology

The pTrumpet is the first instrument to incorporate anti-microbial technology from BioCote, providing the highest standard of protection.

Carbon Neutral

Rest assured knowing that any plastic instrument from Warwick Music is Carbon Neutral. Their carbon emissions caused by manufacturing the instruments have been balanced by funding an equivalent amount of carbon savings elsewhere in the world.


Specification/ Features

  • Pitched in Bb
  • 4 3/4 inch Bell
  • Unique fully plastic interchangeable valve system
  • One-piece patented lead pipe
  • All plastic water key
  • Adjustable main, first and third tuning slides
  • Weighs only 500g!
  • Special right hand little finger rest
  • 5C and 3C mouthpieces included- also works with any standard trumpet mouthpiece
  • Fabric carry bag

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