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Meet The Normans Team 

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Left to Right:
Hazel, Heidi, Jack,
Isabelle, Jonty & Lizzie
Left to Right:
Diana, Gary,
Zoe, Nabeel & Anna
 Left to Right:
Hazel, Hemehra, Kayleigh,
 Sue and Liz
 Left to Right:
Taylor, Jordan, Rob, Phil,
Dave, Maz, Dan B & Dan G

Gareth Haines Management
  Gareth is Managing Director of Normans Musical Instruments. A Brass player, Gareth has considerable technical knowledge and experience on a broad range of instrument types gleaned from working with and visiting both players and instrument makers across the globe during his 20 years in the business.

Kerry Haines

Kerry is primarily involved with all aspects of e-commerce at Normans Musical Instruments. A Music Graduate from the University of Durham, Kerry has a wide musical knowledge with particular expertise in woodwind and keyboard instruments.

Andy McKeown
  Andy is a Director of Normans Musical Instruments and also a Brass player. He has worked within the business for almost 20 years. During this time he has been involved in all areas from Sales and Marketing to Operations and Web Development so has experienced both Normans and the wider Musical Instrument industry from many aspects. 
Hazel Adams
Customer Support Manager
  Hazel is the customer service and sales office manager, who has been with us for 9 years. Having played the keyboard at school, she has built up her knowledge of most instruments over her years here at Normans. Hazel would love to learn to play another instrument, but just can't find the time.
Dan Boden
Customer Support

Dan joined Normans in June 2016, becoming a member of the Customer Support team. After gaining a degree in Music from the University of Derby in 2014, he has worked in Music Education in both the UK and Netherlands. A guitarist by trade, Dan continues to perform with his band and other various musicians around the West Midlands.

Sue O'Callaghan

Customer Support
   Sue has been part of the customer support team at Normans for 18 months now and is front of house for customer service.  She has been a brass player since an early age and now plays trombone in several local bands. She enjoys playing everything from Jazz to orchestral arrangements.

Liz Herbert

  Liz has been with Normans for 23 years, and contrary to what her colleagues say was not using the abacus when she started! Liz is our main contact with our suppliers, and has built up great relationships over the years. Most of her spare time is spent spoiling her grandchildren and she still enjoys listening to her teenage idol Rod Stewart.
Rachel Golding
  Rachel joined Normans in June 2016 after graduating from university after doing a Mathematics degree. She loves to listen to music, but unfortunately can’t play any instruments. She has attempted to play guitar, but it didn’t go so well, now she would like to try the piano which will hopefully go a bit better.

Jeremy Smith
Repair Technician
  Jeremy has been our repair technician since July 2012, after completing his study at the Newark School. During his study he set himself the task of building a saxophone from scratch, a feat that no one had attempted before! Before instrument repair, Jeremy had a successful career in the music industry; performing at international conferences, parliamentary jazz summits and a variety of prestigious venues resulting in gaining a place at Leeds College of Music.

Heidi O'Callaghan
Sales Admin
  Heidi has been a member of the Normans Team in some form or other since 2013,  joining the Sales Team full time in 2015. She has played the Trumpet for over 10 years and is currently a member of a number of ensembles playing everything from classical arrangements to modern Jazz. 

Jack Patrick
Education Manager

  Jack joined the Normans team in September 2012 after graduating from university with a degree in music. He is our guitar and music technology expert, but has a well-rounded knowledge of all things music related. In 2015 Jack progressed to the Education Manager and now looks after our key accounts.  
Isabelle Howie
Sales Admin

  Having recently graduated from the University of Huddersfield in Music, Isabelle is the most recent member of our Sales Team. She has played both clarinet and saxophone for over 13 years and has played in many ensembles both in Staffordshire area and at University, and currently performs in a function band.

Jonty Hines
Account Manager

  Jonty has been with the company for over 10 years, and has had many different roles within the company. He has great knowledge of all the products we stock here at Normans. Jonty is a piano and tuba player, but can play most musical instruments given the chance.

Diana Stone
Web Admin
  Diana is one of the newest addition to the Normans web team. She is a grade 8 pianist and Diana is fluent in 3 languages. She joined our team after completing a BTEC extended diploma in music performance.

Lizzie Ball
Sales & Digital Media

  Lizzie is our very own drumming expert, and has been drumming since a very young age. She plays as part of a band, and has recently toured the country. Lizzie also plays the guitar in her spare time, and joined Normans in 2012 after graduating from university with a degree in music.  
Anna Martin
Web & Marketing Manager
  Anna has been with Normans for over 8 years and looks after the website, marketing and social side of things including Facebook, Twitter, digital marketing and blogging about all things musical. Having attempted to learn the guitar, saxophone and ukulele, Anna is still looking for her musical forte.

Nabeel Saddal
E-Commerce Manager
  Nabs is coming up to two years at Normans, having joined straight after graduating university. Working in the web team he primarily looks after the ecommerce side of Normans, especially online marketplaces. He also never stops looking for new potential products – so be sure to keep a look out for up-to-the-minute releases!

Zoe Sample
E-Commerce Admin

Gary Collins
Technical Operations


Gary joined the Normans team in May 2012. Gary is part of the web team focusing on both the ecommerce marketplaces and technical operations aspects. He would like to learn to play the guitar if the time could be found to do so.