A-Star is one of the leaders in the market for handheld and tuned percussion. Offering products that are ideal for ensembles, music groups as well as individuals, their high-quality products and extensive range are robust and reliable.


We love it, schools love it and you will love it! The ultimate table-top glockenspiel with 25 notes and built inside a handy hard case. Great for storage, transporting and a little aid to not losing the beaters.

This A-Star Glock is a great high quality option at a fantastic price and even comes available as a pack, useful for the environment of a classroom. This pack option also gives you an added saving, that’s a winner, if you ask me. It means you can top up on those beaters!

coloured-glockenspielsAdd Some Colour…

You can be bright and you can be colourful, these glockenspiels from A-Star percussion encompass all of that. Making for a happy looking glockenspiel! There’s two options, you can go for the curved, which has the added extra of a beater holder. Or, you can go for the traditional straight glockenspiel, that whilst doesn’t come with a beater holder, it does come with two wooden beaters.

Both offer 8 notes (C-C) and an octave of diatonic notes. These colourful glockenspiels are great for music education, at home or in music groups. The quality is high and manufactured to be robust and last.

traditional glockBe Traditional…

In neutral tones, this glockenspiel fits the traditional bill. Supplied with a pair of wooden beaters, this glock produces a bright sound which is sure to get children engaged. This glockenspiel gives a professional look for a classroom and music group.

You May Also Need…

glockenspiel-beatersThe only way to play this musical instrument is by hitting the bars with beaters. We’ve had many customers call and say they need new beaters, it’s a common thing to misplace – especially when there’s no holder. Luckily A-Star provide glockenspiel beaters that are very low cost, making it not the end of the world if you need to replace. Or purchase, pre-empting the loss! You can even buy them in a pack, again, saving you extra pennies.

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