The Importance of Quality Instruments in Music Education


Whilst we would all agree that any instruments that get children learning to play are better than nothing, the Importance of Quality Instruments in Music Education cannot be overstated. The quality of instruments plays a pivotal role in the learning experience; if it won’t stay in tune, the student will become frustrated. Let’s take a moment to look at why investing in high-quality, yet affordable musical instruments shouldn’t just be a luxury but a necessity for schools, music teachers and students alike.

The Building Blocks of Music Education

Music is one of the essential building blocks in education and our cultural history. It offers a wide array of benefits, from cognitive development to emotional well-being. Musical instruments serve as the primary tools for teaching music and help develop various skills such as hand-eye coordination and timing, but above all, enjoyment.

However, the quality of the instruments used in teaching is often overlooked, despite being one of the critical factors in effective learning.

Quality Over Quantity

There’s no doubt that limited Music Department budgets generally dictate the types of instruments purchased for use in educational settings, but it's important that quality isn’t compromised. High-quality instruments produce a better sound, are more durable and can significantly enhance the learning process. We assess the quality of a musical instrument based on its build quality, sound production, durability and ease of playing.

The Impact on Learning and Training

Cognitive Benefits

Studies have shown that music education sharpens student attentiveness and equips them to be creative. The sound quality of an instrument can make a huge difference in this regard. A well-built, easy to play instrument can help students focus better, thereby increasing their confidence and cognitive abilities.

Emotional and Social Benefits

Music education supports better study habits and self-esteem. When students play on quality instruments, they are more likely to see better results and therefore feel a sense of achievement and musical assurance in their own ability. This in turn promotes personal discipline and emotional well-being.

The Economies of Quality Instruments

Investing in quality instruments may seem like a huge expenditure initially, but in the long run, it usually offers extensive savings. Quality instruments are more durable, last longer, require less frequent replacements or repairs and usually provide better value for money in the long term.


The Importance of Quality Instruments in Music Education is evident in the numerous benefits it offers to students and educators alike. Investing in Quality Instruments is not just an expenditure but an investment in the future, enriching the learning experience and offering long-term savings. Schools and music educators should always make quality instruments a priority in their musical education programs wherever possible.

How Can We Help?

We have over 60 years of experience in supplying instruments sourced from many different manufacturers. It’s fair to say there aren’t many brands available today that we haven’t seen come through our warehouse at some point or other!

Our core range consists of instruments that have been rigorously tested in schools and proven to offer the ideal combination of quality and price. The Normans Education Team is always on-hand to offer help and advice to ensure you choose instruments that will give your students the best possible start on their musical journey.