The 3rd Avenue Acoustic guitar range are incredibly popular instruments. Being great to start on without spending a fortune! All while being available with some essential accessories.

3rd Avenue Acoustic Guitar

  • The guitars themselves are based on a classic Dreadnought design. With a standard pin based bridge for easy string changes, and standard acoustic guitar tuning pegs. The neck isn’t too thick, so there should be no problem getting those first notes and chords. Avoiding having to battle with the instrument to play it helps massively for beginners!
  • Available in a variety of colours, these are great for any style. The Natural and Sunburst finishes boast traditional appeal, great for a classic look. Where, the Black finish remains understated yet classy. For a modern twist there are the Blueburst and Redburst finishes, which are very eye-catching.


  • The sound of this guitar is exactly as you would expect from an Acoustic Guitar. Plenty of volume and clarity to let your chords shimmer. All while sounding full for a strong sound.
  • The standard acoustic strings ensure for good projection. Though, they may be hard on younger fingers, so swapping to lighter gauge strings may help in that case.


  • The 3rd Avenue Acoustic Guitar comes in two packs, standard and premium. The standard pack comes with the guitar, a gigbag, spare strings, some picks and a strap. All the essentials to get started!
  • Where the premium pack has everything in the standard pack, plus some extra goodies. Included in the premium pack is a stand, tuner, capo and string winder. While not necessarily essential, they definitely make life easier!
  • If any of the extras in the premium pack might appeal to you, it would be a worthwhile purchase. This is because both packs a very good value for money. The cost of accessories individually would tally up very quickly, so a pack is great to keep costs low.

3rd Avenue Acoustic Guitar Variety

  • In the 3rd Avenue range there are also two other models. The Cutaway Acoustic and the Electro Acoustic are available. The Cutaway model is the same as the standard acoustic with added ease of reaching the higher frets. Where, the Electro-Acoustic model has a built-in preamp and tuner, great for those with aspirations for the stage!