Playing Classical Guitar

STX20 Classical Guitar

Setting up the guitar...

First thing on taking the guitar out the box was to get tuning it up. Firstly, I was very impressed with the tuning pegs, geared machine heads and tuning up was hassle free and easy. After a couple of tune ups, the guitar held its tune and was able to give it a proper road test.

How was the action?
The action on the guitar was at the correct level, meaning it wasn’t difficult for me to press down different chord shapes on the fretboard. With many budget guitars, this can be the make or break feature, however the 3rd Avenue definitely holds its own.

The tone?

Tone wise, it offers a crisp and clear sounds that you’d expect of a classical guitar. Meaning that you will also get a nice sound out of the instrument. Despite hitting a few wrong notes when you get started. 

Added Extras:


Overall, it’s a great budget guitar aimed at the beginner. Offering everything you’d want in a classical guitar to set you on the road of the music journey. I challenge you to find another guitar that offers the same features for such an affordable price!