When you are moving through your grades and are looking to upgrade to a more advanced violin, it is important to make a well-informed decision so you have the best instrument to support your progress. Here at Normans, we aim to provide keen violinists with the best possible instruments to suit all budgets and requirements. I have listed our most popular and best intermediate violins for you to pick out the best one for you - don't forget to check out the comparison table at the bottom of this blog and feel free to drop me a comment below or email me on if you have any questions. Forenza Secondo Series 4 3132_1_ The first model in our intermediate violin range, the Forenza Secondo Series 4 Violin is a perfect upgrade from your student model and it also isn't as costly as other intermediate models. The violin is carefully crafted from selected tonewoods with quality ebony fittings, durable tailpiece with 1 fine tuner on the E string. Made with extra precision and care, this violin is the ultimate choice for students at grade 5 and beyond. It creates a beautiful sound through that resonates through its well made body and comes supplied with a strong wooden bow as well as a quality oblong case and rosin. Also supplied in 3/4 size for the younger violinist. Click here. Stentor Conservatoire 746 One of the most popular choices among intermediate violinists, the Stentor Conservatoire violin is a brilliant student instrument. Made from selected tonewoods, including maple back, ribs and neck, the violin is a truly well-built instrument that produces a gorgeous tone and will serve you well taking you through grade 5 and up. The hand-applied, special formula varnish provides a lovely, natural gloss finish and adds to the wonderful looks of this instrument. Just like all of our intermediate violins, Stentor Conservatoire comes supplied with a great quality oblong case to ensure your instrument is safe at all times as well as a strong wooden bow and a rosin. Brilliant choice for everyone who values Stentor quality as it is one of the most renowned strings brand by teachers all over the world. Forenza Secondo Series 6 3133_1_ Forenza Secondo Series 6 nicely straddles the gap between our intermediate and advanced/professional quality violins. It has taken features from standard intermediate models such as Forenza Series 4 and Stentor Conservatoire and thrived on them. It is made from superior quality tonewoods with highly figured maple back, includes great quality fittings and is complete with spirit varnish that is hand-applied for extra durability. The sound produced with this violin is absolutely stunning with the help of professional specification bow and quality rosin. A perfect choice for grades 6-8, Forenza series 6 offers a great value for money. Supplied in high quality oblong case. Stentor Messina 1615_2_ Stentor Messina is, without a doubt, the best quality violin we sell that is absolutely brilliant for advanced/professional student up to grade 8 or beyond. Renowned among musicians all over the world, the Messina model is made from finest tonewoods, featuring ebony fingerboard, pegs and chinrest as well as a professional specification pernambuco bow. Better yet, you wouldn't necessarily need to upgrade the strings on this violin as it already comes with fitted professional quality Pirastro strings. Messina is hand-shaped and finished with traditional varnish, making this gorgeous looking violin truly stand out. Last but not least, you and your audience will be completely blown away by the amazing sound this instrument can produce. Supplied with a durable oblong case, the instrument has everything you need to play with maximum precision as well as keep your instrument safe between performances. Forenza Secondo Series 8 3134_1_ Finally, the Forenza Secondo Series 8 violin has almost identical specification to Stentor Messina for a fraction of the price! This has been extremely popular with advancing violinists as well as young professionals as the instrument lives up to high standards, giving more expensive models a run for their money! Featuring brilliant quality fittings including ebony fingerboard, bridge, pegs and chinrest, the violin is supplied with quality fitted bridge as well as professional wooden bow. There are high standard strings fitted to add to the stunning sound this instrument produces. Complete outfit comes with a durable oblong case and rosin and the Forenza Secondo Series 8 has been one of bestsellers in the advanced violin range. Want to see how these violins compare? Click on the table below: strings *please note the prices may have been altered since the chart was created