playing the violin

Your first instrument can often make or break your career as a musician. This is why here at Normans we aim to provide you with the best quality student violins tailored to a range of budgets and requirements so you or your child can fully embrace the learning experience. I hope you enjoy this article and if you need any advice, please email

Forenza Uno Series Violin

The newest addition to the popular Forenza violins, the Uno Series provide the best value while still maintaining good quality features. This outfit is ideal for beginners, available in Full, 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 size. With regards to the build-quality of the Uno Series, we are sure you will not be disappointed. It is modeled by the same specification as Stentor 1018 Standard violins and features a well made wooden body that helps you achieve that warm and resonant tone, everyone will love. There is a good quality bridge, hardwood tuning pegs and fingerboard as well as integral tailpiece with 4 fine tuners to help you achieve the best tone. The strings are tensioned and the body is finished with a rich, beautiful vanish for added durability.

The outfit comes supplied with a robust bow, carry case and rosin, all you need to do is tune your instrument to bring out its ear-pleasing, lovely tone. The Uno Series are specifically designed with students in mind to make quality learning experience accessible to everyone.

Forenza Prima 2 Violin Outfit

Our most popular student violin, the Forenza Prima 2 has been a true hit with students, beginners and education services. It offers premium quality at a breakthrough price! Matching the specification of worldwide popular Stentor II 1500 Series, the Forenza violin has a solid, carved spruce table with maple back and ribs. High level features such as ebony fingerboard and tuning pegs add a quality feel and true enjoyment every time you play the instrument. A sturdy bridge and alloy tailpiece with 4 internal adjusters support your studies and performance.

The Forenza Prima 2 violins are individually hand shaped and finished with traditional varnish. They are perfect as the ultimate learning instrument and are capable of taking you up to intermediate grades. All of this, at a price that usually would provide you with a much less advanced instrument. The Forenza outfits come supplied with a strong Brazilwood bow, rosin and an attractive case as well as a dust cover. Definitely one of our most recommended violins covering both the aspect of great quality and incredible price. Available in: Full, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 size.

Stentor 1018 Standard Violin

For those of you who would like to stay loyal to a well-known brand with worldwide recognition yet do not want to spend too much, Stentor have created the 1018 Standard series. These violins offer a really nice build quality at a cheaper price than other Stentor student models. The body is carved from solid tonewoods and is fitted with black hardwood fingerboard and pegs. There is an alloy tailpiece with integral adjusters included for ease and quality of tuning. 1018 model also has a traditional inlaid purfling and is coated with lovely natural varnish giving the instrument that gorgeous, classic look.

The violin comes as part of a complete outfit that includes a wooden bow with natural hair, rosin, durable case and integral cover. There are good quality metal factory strings fitted for a lovely tone. The 1018 Stentor outfit is ideal for the potential musician on a budget who doesn't want anything less than Stentor quality. It is ideal for students and possesses a really nice sound as well as great playability that will get you off to a great start in your journey as a violinist. Available in: Full, 3/4, 1/2, and 1/4 size.

Stentor I 1400 Student Violin

Sitting in the mid-range of Stentor student violins, the 1400 is a very popular model with our customers here at Normans. It is a really good quality instrument suitable for a beginner, allowing you to progress nicely through your grades. The 1400 Series include good-quality features while still remaining affordable. These violins are carved from solid spruce and maple creating a wonderful tone that resonates all through the well-built body. The fittings are made of blackened rosewood that provides a really nice feel when playing the violin. Of course, there is an alloy tailpiece with integral adjusters to help you achieve your perfect tone.

When it comes to Stentor models, this is definitely one that teachers recommend if you are not quite ready to spend much on your violin, but are still looking for a good quality option. The violin is beautifully hand finished and includes everything you need to get started - a durable bow, block of rosin, soft integral cover and a carry case to protect your instrument on a day to day basis. A really great all-rounder for beginners and students. Available in sizes: Full, 3/4, 1/2, and 1/4 size.

Stentor II 1500 Violin Outfit

Finally, for the fussiest player, the Stentor 1500 Series is no doubt, the best quality student violin we have available. It is the product of Stentor's many years of experience in crafting world-class instruments and is incredibly popular with students everywhere as well as highly recommended by teachers. The 1500 model has a solid, carved spruce table and carved maple back, side and neck. There are ebony fittings included that will add a quality feel for a truly great playing experience. Individual hand shaping and finishing and traditional varnish are exactly what gives these violins its beautiful looks.

The Stentor II Violin provides superb playability and creates a warm, pure and resonant tone that everyone will enjoy. The complete outfit comes with a quality case, resilient wooden bow, integral cover and some rosin. Strings are fitted and tensioned, and the durable bridge is set up, therefore, all you need to do is tune your violin to enjoy the great playing experience it has to offer. Without a doubt, this is one of the best student violins on the market and is perfect if you are willing to spend a little more to get more for your money. Available in sizes: Full, 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 size.