A-Star Bells
A-Star is a popular brand that provides percussion perfect for the classroom.

Why they are great for classrooms?

A-Star produce very colourful and interactive products that are appealing to a younger audience. They are very easy to use and introduce children to the musical world, meaning they can begin learning rhythms, timing and even scales; they are great value for money!

Single products

plastic-wrist-bellsWrist bells

These wrist bells are simply attached by a velcro or plastic strap, making them adjustable and easy to use. The vibrant colours make them appealing to children and will encourage them to make music.

hand-bellsHand bells

Available with either 3, 5 or 9 bells. You simply hold them by the handle and away you go. They are a lot of fun and create a bright, happy sound, perfect for percussion sets at schools. These are also very popular around Christmas time! sleigh-bellsAnother is the A-Star 21 Bell Sleigh Bells. They produce a much sharper tone and the handle is made from wood instead of plastic. This makes them sturdier and better for the older classes. However, they are still a great addition to percussion sets and ensembles.

coloured-hand-bellsColoured Hand Bells

The A-Star Coloured Hand Bells are a set of colourful bells with a note range of C to C. This introduces student to the idea of scales which is a very important skill to have if they wish to take music skills further. Being multicoloured, this set is very appealing and encourages younger students to use them. They also produce a bright sound and are easy to use.

agogo-bellsAgogo bells

Similar to a cowbell, typically used in samba music, the Agogo's offer two different pitches. They come with a wooden beater that creates a very bold sound when used and are typically used in percussion sections, helping to keep time.


wrist-bells-packDue to these products being popular for classes, we sell packs. For example, the wrist bells are sold in packs of 10 pairs which contain a mixture of green, yellow, blue, red and purple! This also comes with a container which makes for perfect storage within the classroom.bell-shakers Also with storage is the A-Star Bell Shakers. They are a set of 6 shakers that produce a bold and fun sound. Brightly coloured, they are great for groups and can be used to teach younger children about rhythm and timing.