bells Working with many schools and music services, I understand the requirements you require when purchasing instruments for your school classrooms. These hand bells are made for educational use. Robust, colourful and extremely good value for money. I’ve split the hand bells which I think are great for school classrooms into two categories, traditional and slightly wild. Slightly wild might be a little over the top, however how often do you see a mix of bell and a shaker in one product? It’s worth getting excited about. The product even comes suit in a purpose made zipped handled bag. Practical, colourful and a new percussion instrument for the teachers (and kids…of course). Included in the traditional range is our bestselling A-Star 3 Bells Hand bell, the most popular hand bell by far. Featuring 3 well placed bells on a strong plastic handled base in a colourful blue. The most economical hand bell for the classroom.

You can be traditional…

set-of-hand-bellsA-Star Coloured Hand Bells – Set of 8

Lovely bright and resonant tone, extremely popular with primary schools and percussion groups. In vibrant colours, these bells are appealing to the children’s eyes. The bells are also labelled with their individual note, making these hand bells great for teaching rhythm and timing.

SELECTION-OF-HAND-BELLSA-Star Hand Bells (Available with 3, 5 or 9 Bells)

A-Star have created several hand bells, available with 3, 5 or 9 bells attached. The 5 and 9 belled hand bells feature a wooden handle, creating robust percussion instruments for children.

You can be slightly wild…go on…shake it up! (I would)

BELL-SHAKERSA-Star Bell Shakers – Pack of 6

A hybrid between a shaker and a hand bell. A-Star have created an enclosed bell shaker, producing a bright tone. Brightly coloured and great for teaching rhythm and timing. These bells come supplied in a pack of 6 with a purpose made zipped carry bag. A bonus for classroom storage!

WRIST-BELL-PACKA-Star Small Wrist Bells – 10 Pairs

A great way to create music whilst moving! Teaching the children rhythm and timing with these wrist bells is extremely popular. Included is a handy container to make transportation and storage within the classroom easy.

WRIST-BELLA-Star Plastic Wrist Bell

The new improved wrist bell, recently launched. A-Star have recreated the wrist bell and instead of a material band and velcro, we now have a plastic band and fastening. A worthwhile upgrade from the standard material wristbell.