Ideal for the classroom environment, Chime Sets are perfect for your child to start exploring the musical world around them. Not only this, they can also develop their fine motor skills and creativity. Chime sets are also perfect for schools as you can teach children a wide range of musical aspects using them, from simple rhythms to harmonies and scales. children-playing-percussion

Why A-Star?

I would strongly recommend our A-Star range of Chime Sets as they are durable and suitable for the classroom environment. In addition to this, they are robust and affordable for all school budgets. The A-star Chime Sets are simple enough for children of all ages to use and each bar produces a warm, bright a-star-chime-bar-set tone.

A-Star 8 Chime Bar Set

This great A-Star Chime Set includes 8 individual chime bars and even 8 chime bar beaters! They produce a happy, bright tone, perfect for the classroom. The option to use them individually allows for endless variety and creativity of tasks.

A-Star Chime Bar Set in Case

Colourful and bright, this chime bar set also separates for multiple uses. It also comes with 2 beaters and a soft case for protection/storage; everything you need to get started. This colourful set will invite and encourage the younger children to get involved with music and explore their creative side.


Perfect for children of any age, the A-Star Chime Sets make a great addition to the classroom. Alternatively, A-Star have a wide variety of other instruments for the classroom. Why not view them here?