The number of schools now offering music education is slowly growing. More children have access to make fun music with their friends. Here at Normans, we believe that every child should be able to pick up an instrument and get playing. These packs are ‘filled to the brim’ with brightly coloured, great sounding wooden and plastic instruments, all at affordable prices. ‘A-Star’ has soon become the leading brand for high quality percussion items. These have proved tremendously popular with schools, music services and parents. You can find every percussive item you can think of within this brand. All for a very reasonable price.

percussion-packJust to get started then…

Perfect for both gifts and classroom use, the A-Star 10 Piece Percussion Pack is the best starter kit around! Great value for money, this pack contains maracas, egg shakers, bells and other musical goodies! All supplied in a handy carry case of course…

30 player class packNeed a bit more?

10 instruments not enough for you? Well luckily for you, we have a few more different options! Next up, have a look at our 30 Player Percussion Classpack for even more sounds and a lot more fun! Featuring additional instruments like wooden claves and castanets, it’s the perfect way to introduce your class to the wonderful world of music!

ks1Designed with schools in mind!

With us all being lovely people here at Normans, we thought we’d make it easy for you to pick the right set of instruments for your beloved class! For younger children, we have our very popular KS1 Percussion Class Pack! Teaching some older kids, have a look at the KS2 Class Pack! Both contain endless hours of musical fun, and are supplied with a plastic container to keep them safe once everyone has gone home!

The BIG ones!

If all of those still sound slightly too small, you’ll be needing something bigger. The A-Star 30 Piece Percussion Class Pack has the biggest range of wooden and plastic instruments you can imagine, allowing you to reproduce a limitless plethora of sounds. Rain sticks, tambourines, cymbals, shakers… There is so much to explore in this pack, and of course, we even supply the storage box!