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How long is a piece of string? Well, on an Electric Violin (only available in full size) the resonating length of the string is actually 37cm. You don’t really need to know that! A question we often get asked here at Normans Musical Instruments is, "how silent are your Electric Violins"? I presume that this common question is posed by two categories of person:
  1. Violinists, who want be able to naturally hear themselves over any amplified sound. Plus, if the sound, when practicing at home, would be loud enough to annoy other people and parents.
  2. Other people & parents!!

Silence Is Golden

Our most popular Electric Violins are designed with a sold, shaped body. The most popular and highly regarded being the Stagg EVN Electric Violins and the Stagg EVN X models. The Stagg EVN model is shaped with a solid ‘S’ shaped body. While the EVN X version is shaped in a solid, traditional outline shape. electric-violins With the lack of a hollow, resonating wooden body normally found on traditional Violins, there is an approximate 60% decibel reduction of volume. This is ideal, allowing for the Violinist to hear and alter their intonation and articulation naturally, and not having to rely on a relayed, amplified sound. As the violins are designed to be plugged in and amplified for live performance. The 'on-board' controls are excellent. With a main volume and dual range frequency tonal affect. This produces a wonderful and warm tone suitable for any venue and amplification. violin Each of these Violins comes complete with a jack to jack cable, bow, rosin and pair of headphones for silent practise. All perfectly safeguarded in a bespoke, hard case. Available in a vast array of eye-catching colours, including the resplendent metallic finish, you will certainly stand out!

stentor-electric-violinTraditional Meets Modern

The Stentor 1515 Harlequin Electric Violin Outfit is the last name in musical versatility. Combining the high quality of the ever-popular Stentor II model with pick-ups and electronic features. This Violin allows you a new freedom of performance. Firstly, this is an excellent, high quality traditional Violin. The table is carved from solid spruce and the back, ribs and neck are carved from solid maple wood. Each violin is individually hand shaped and finished in the Stentor factory. The violins are fitted with an ebony fingerboard, pegs and a high quality bridge. The great part of this violin is the electronic pre-amp with standard jack socket. Allowing you to plug your instrument into an amp or through an audio interface. Not only does this make amplification and recording so much easier. There are suddenly a whole range of possibilities and options that you can explore and try out! And the best part? You can always switch back to playing acoustically. Unlike other electric violins, the sound is still resonant and powerful even without amplification.


So, to get back to our conundrum. How Silent is an Electric Violin? Answer; suitably quieter to allow for a great, amplified performance. Loud enough for any venue or practice session, especially if you turn it to 10!!