A-Star Music Beaters – Perfect for schools!

Beaters for schools… where to begin? Firstly, you need them to be high quality, lightweight and sturdy. However, you can’t spend a fortune on them because in a school environment, they will be used every day by nearly everyone. What do I recommend? The A-Star range. Why? Well they’re affordable, robust and made from the highest quality materials around. Here are my recommendations:

cowbell-beaterA-Star Cowbell Beater

Perfect for beginner drums and cowbells, the A-Star Cowbell Beater produces a loud and rich tone. Made from Hardwood, the simplicity and durability makes it perfect for lessons about rhythm.

classroom-music-beaterA-Star Felt Headed Xylophone Beaters - Pair

Made with a plastic handle and a felt head, these beaters are ideal for Soprano Xylophones and Educational Chimes.

drum-gong-malletA-Star Hard Bass Drum/Gong Mallet Pair

Perfect for all ages, the A-Star Hard Bass Drum/Gong Mallet creates a high quality tone.

glockenspiel-beaterA-Star Hard Glockenspiel Beaters - Pair

Perfect for glockenspiels, the A-Star Hard Glockenspiel Beaters have a plastic handle and a hard plastic head. This is great for schools because the material ensures that it is resistant to breaking.

soft-beaterA-Star Soft Rubber Beaters - Pair

Perfect for Alto Chime Bards and Small Drums, the A-Star Soft Rubber Beaters are made up of high quality rubber and have a soft head in order to create a warm tone.

triangle-beaterA-Star Triangle Beaters - 10 Pack

With moulded plastic handles, the A-Star Triangle Beaters are ideal for schools as they produce a beautifully clear and bright tone, enhancing the triangles sound. They are also great value, with each beater costing less than 40p! Overall, for hand-held and tuned percussion A-Star is one of the leading brands, ideal for schools due to the high quality make yet cost-effective price. If you are interested in the whole of the A-star range you can click here.