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Music Stands. The accessory that every musician needs to be complete. Whether you are playing solo, or part of a large band, they are essential! That’s why here at Normans, we are proud to stock a plethora of different brands and designs, designed to suit a number of different musical scenarios! So, you need a music stand. Great! Next question – what kind of music stand do you need? This is where people usually start to stumble, and is where our knowledgeable advice comes in very handy! You may have thought that the term ‘music stand’ refers to one, specific brand and type we all know about. Well… no. As a matter of fact, they are available in a variety of different sizes, colours and designs. See, you’ve learnt something new already. From our extensive range of stock, I’ve picked out some of our bestselling models, which we recommend to parents and teachers on a daily basis. After something nice and portable? Why not try...

Rocket Heavy Duty Music Stand

rocket-heavy-duty-music-standFirst on the list, we have the Rocket Heavy Duty Stand. In terms of value for money, this is without a doubt one of the best you’ll find. For less than £20, you receive a high quality black music stand supplied with a nylon carry case. We find that these are perfect for use on stage, practicing at home or just for taking to your music lesson. The sturdy tripod base grips to any floor surface, and can hold all of your music with ease. Once you have finished playing for the day, simply loosen the screws and fold the stand back up into it’s compact, neat design. With the supplied carry bag, store it away and keep it safe. Definitely a stand I would recommend to anyone without spending an awful lot of money!

Rocket Orchestral Music Stand

orchestra-music-standAnother great quality Rocket product under £20, Orchestral Stands are generally better for musicians with heavier music loads (e.g. books). It is very easy to assemble, and the strong tripod base won’t move anywhere whilst you are playing. The ledge on the music stand is also ideal for holding any pencils or reeds, so you can have everything you need altogether. With the height also being adjustable, you can set the stand between 70 – 110cm, great for lessons and concerts alike. Best of all, it is easy to pack down. The last thing you want after a long rehearsal session is to be getting flustered with all your equipment. This has been designed to be a simple but strong way of holding your music.

Manhasset 48 Symphony Stand

Manhasset stands have built themselves a reputation to produce high quality products which will last a lifetime. Available in a fun, bright range of colours, these Symphony stands are highly popular with the younger musician and are also one of our bestselling models. It has a ‘knob free’ design, which allows you to simply pull the stand up or down, and adjust the desk angle by tilting it. Height Adjustable Between 65cm-127cm (Floor to Desk Lip). A much simpler system which explains why it’s great for younger players. Amazingly, the stand can hold up to 3kg worth of music, and will not budge thanks to the all-steel welded base. Manhasset also offer a lifetime warranty for any of their stands, so you can see how confident they are!

RAT Jazz Stand

rat-music-standFeaturing a simpler design, the RAT Jazz Stand is perfect for a quick set up but sturdy performance. Its unique build allows you to unfold the stand in only three moves. No need to tighten or loosen any screws, as due to the specially manufactured friction joints, it stays at the right angle once adjusted. The telescopic stem then can either be pulled up or down to accommodate for the player, and with the ‘no screw’ build, it is so quick to set up. The very compact design makes them perfect for being transported to various rehearsals or venues, which is great if you have a car full of equipment! With the stand being very robust, it can hold a variety of different music, and has a special ‘pencil shelf’ to hold any additional accessories! These are just some of the amazing music stands we have to offer at Normans! For more information on our full range, get in touch with our Sales Team who will be happy to advise further!