Starting Young

a-star-mini-tambourine-for schoolThe A-Star Early Years Tambourines for school is a fun and great way to introduce younger a-star-mini-tambourinechildren to the musical world of rhythm and sounds.

Available in red and black, this A-Star Mini Tambourine is an exciting way to make music. Featuring 4 jingles and a moulded grip, this is ideal for a pre-school tambourine.

Headless Tambourines

a-star-headless-tambourineThe A-Star Headless Tambourines are available in 6 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch. Made from a sturdy, wooden frame, this tambourine is popular a-star-headless-school-tambourines-packwith schools and children.

The 8 inch tambourines are available in a Pack Of 10, which is perfect for the classroom.

Headed Tambourines

a-star-tambourineAlso available in 6 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch, these A-Star Tambourines feature an a-star-school-tambourines-packadded riveted head. The headed tambourine can be played using hands or be striked with a beater.

Whilst the riveted head allows for a wider variety of sounds, making this tambourine a staple in many school classrooms. Therefore, we have created a Pack Of 10 school tambourines.

Half Moon Tambourines

a-star-tambourine-yellowAvailable in lots of different colours, these A-Star Half Moon Tambourines make a-star-half-moon-packplaying the tambourine that bit more fun, with an added moulded grip for comfort.

If the one just isn’t enough, why not get our Pack Of 10 which includes assorted colours of these half-moon school tambourines.

Something Fun

a-star-sensory-reflective-tambourinePerfect for sensory groups, this A-Star Sensory Reflective Tambourine is a great way a-star-blue-tambourineto encourage children into the world of music.

This A-Star Tambourine in Blue is fun and bright, and will help learn the basics in music. It is ideal for learning about rhythm and timing.