Renowned by students, teachers and classically trained pianists alike, Yamaha strive to deliver excellence in all their digital pianos. With the brand new YDP144, this goal continues to be achieved.

Following on from the release of the YDP143 back in 2016, Yamaha have upgraded the ever-popular model to the YDP144. Let’s explore this piano further, and find out what makes it the best for aspiring students and professional players…

First things first

Of course, when buying any piano, digital or acoustic, the first thing you do is see how it feels. If you’re taking lessons, you need something that is weighted due to many piano pieces relying on the touch response. The YDP144 is perfectly designed to provide the most realistic playing experience, endorsed by music teachers around the country. playing-piano You’ll also get the full range of keys, 88 notes to be exact. The same as an acoustic, meaning again, you won’t need to get a bigger or larger keyboard!

How does it sound?

Well, lets put it this way, it sounds incredible for saying it only takes 15 minutes to assemble! concert-grand-pianoEspecially for use at home or in the classroom, it ‘packs enough punch’ to create a truly immersive playing environment. The YDP144 boasts the newly sampled Yamaha CFX concert grand piano, one of the most prestigious models ever to have been released. Now you can have the sound of a 9’ concert grand in your living room!

So what digital features does it have?

Good question. A lot of people don’t fully understand why digital pianos have become more and more popular in the recent years, and the YDP144 is a perfect example. yamaha-headphone-digital-pianoPracticing your ‘beloved’ scales and arpeggios late at night is never usually considered, but think again. The YDP144 has a dual headphone input, so you can play ‘All Night Long’ (what a song). For those beginner players, you can record your progress straight into the piano and listen back in real-time. It’s especially great as you can separate the right and left-hand parts into 2 recordings, great for those more complicated pieces.

Anything else?

yamaha-piano-appCertainly! The YDP144 can connect to Yamaha’s free mobile app, ‘Smart Pianist’. From selecting the instrument voices to recording your masterpieces, it lets you control elements of your music faster and in a more user-friendly design. That’s right… you can use your phone to operate your piano! Overall, the YDP144 is a fantastic digital piano which can be used by aspiring players to diploma standard musicians. What’s not to like?!?