Also called the Vibraslap, Jawbone or Slapper, the Chatterbox is one of the more amusing pieces of percussion. It's distinctive sound is created by the vibrations of the teeth inside the main body of the instrument. Chatterbox; Also known as the vibraslap, the chatterbox is a percussive instrument which was invented by Martin Cohen in 1967. It consists of a wire, bent into a U shape, connecting a wood ball to a hollow box of wood with the metal teeth inside. It is played by holding the the metal wire in one hand whilst hitting the ball with the palm of the other hand. The hollow box acts as a resonating body for a metal mechanism placed inside with a number of loosely fastened pins or rivets that vibrate against the box. - Wikipedia

The Chatterbox is great for comical sound effects: Laughter is almost a guarantee!



Smooth wooden ball and body

Strong metal wire

22cm in length



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