Maracas are fantastic percussion instruments for children and adults alike. They're easy to use and sound great without too much practice. It's easy to see why the Maracas are sometimes known as the Rumba Shakers: They're perfect far dancing with. This means they are great for teaching rhythm Kinaesthetically.

There is something for everyone within the A-Star range. Some have an authentic wooden design while others are made of lightweight, robust plastic. Some are designed especially for little hands, while others are great for all. There really are many choices, allowing you to ensure you have the best for your needs.


For smaller hands - AP5101 - AP5111 - AP5131

Strong plastic construction

Range of colours

Bright tone

Designed to be comfortable in even the smallest hands

£1.81 - £2.64


A-Star Plastic Maracas

Strong plastic construction

Available in Red and Green

Approximately 19cm in height

Moulded handle for a comfortable grip



Wood Handled Plastic Maracas

Strong plastic shell

Smooth wooden handle

Bright Orange finish

Also available in a packs of x10

£5.88 | x10 £59.99 - SAVE £3.80


A-Star Multi Coloured Wooden Maracas

Well balanced, wooden bell and handle

Brightly painted

Approximately 22cm in height

Also available in packs of x15

£7.86 | x15 £94.98 - SAVE £22.92


Looking for something else? No problem!

We can create bespoke packs, perfect for any sized class.
Just email to find out more.
*Prices and packs correct as of March 2020