It has been proven that playing a musical instrument is beneficial to a child’s development and can aid learning in other subject areas. If your child is looking for a step-up intermediate instrument, then why not purchase it through the school without paying the VAT? That's exactly what the AIPS scheme is for. We feel that ‘AIPS’ (Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme) is an opportunity not to be missed. The government are encouraging a scheme whereby you pay the ex-VAT price when buying through an LEA school.


The Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme (also known as AIPS) enables pupils at local authority schools to purchase instruments without paying VAT. The order must be made through the school and to help you with this, we've created a form which you can download the form here and hand it in to your child’s school. Through this scheme, parents only pay the discounted prices – excluding the VAT quoted.


Does your child qualify for AIPS? Most probably, yes. The rules (not set by us, unfortunately) are as follows:
The student must be in full time education at a Local Authority School
The student must be receiving music tuition at the school
The instrument must be appropriate for the pupils needs, so maybe not a Stradivarius Trumpet for 6 year old Keely who is just mastering 3 Blind Mice
The instrument must be portable, and no, putting wheels on a Grand Piano does not make it ‘portable’
The instrument must be handed over from school to pupil in a designated teaching room
The instrument must be charged to the pupil/pupil’s parents at or below the schools (ex.vat) cost
The Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme enables pupils at local authority schools to purchase instruments without paying VAT. As we all know, money is precious, which is why this is a great scheme that can really help parents access the instruments their children need and save money.
Standard Purchase
AIPS Purchase
Normans AIPS Purchase
Free Delivery
5 Year Warranty
Please note: This is an example only and prices are subject to change.


To place an order via your childs school, download the form below and hand this into the school quoting the AIPS scheme. It is a national scheme ran by the government and enables pupils of local authority and academy schools to purchase musical instruments through their school excluding VAT.

So no matter what your musical passion, it is important to encourage and support our children to become the next generation of musicians. They will love it and develop quicker. You will be entertained. Society will be wealthier!