A Woodblock might just be perfect for the tiny person in your life. Children are always looking for something to hit, beat or tap… they love the sounds around them. So, rather than sacrifice your pans, table tops - or whatever else they can get their hands on. Woodblocks are also perfect for any percussionist looking to increase their tonal range - why not invest in a Woodblock? The Wikipedia definition is as follows: “The woodblock is a small slit drum made from a single piece of wood and used as a percussion instrument <...> The orchestral woodblock instrument of the West is generally made from teak or another hardwood. The dimensions of this instrument vary, although it is either a rectangular or cylindrical block of wood with one or sometimes two longitudinal cavities. It is played by striking it with a stick, which produces a sharp crack. Alternatively, a rounder mallet, soft or hard, may be used, which produces a deeper-pitched and fuller 'knocking' sound.

Delightful, wouldn't you say?

We have a few different Woodblocks here at Normans - check them out!


a-star-woodblocksLooking for a traditional wood block? Look no further than the A-Star Wood Block. This comes with a beater and is perfect for the classic "slit drum" woodblock sound. Ideal for schools and education due to the simple yet satisfying nature. But also great for any percussionist, or drummer. These are great to add to a kit to increase the range of sounds available.

T Bar Woodblock

The A-Star T Bar Wood Block is the perfect addition for any percussion group, allowing you to experiment with different rhythms! A high quality instrument for an affordable price! These are perfect for schools, they are easy to use and pleasing to the ear. The strong build quality also ensures that even in the youngest of hands, these can withstand a beating! T-Bar style Woodblocks provide two different tones to add some fun variation to your rhythms. The A-Star Two Tone Wood Block is also a great choice, doubling up as a guiro which can be scraped with the supplied beater, this ensures some variety in your percussion. The A-Star TikTok provides a bit of a deviation from the traditional design, but is still fun and easy to use. Without the handle as in other similar beaters, this is held in the middle and either side is played with the supplied beater. This also has a more "ethnic" motif to provide some aesthetic charm.
If you are struggling to decide which starter percussion instrument you want to purchase, don't worry! The A-Star Percussion Packs contain a wide range of fun handheld instruments, which are all supplied in a handy carry case. Most of these packs contain coloured shakers, woodblocks, triangles, bells and more, and are affordably priced. We have a vast range of different percussion packs to choose from, consisting of between 10 and 30 instruments!