Music Class
School Orchestra

Woodwind Accessories

Pull Throughs: Great for pretty much any woodwind instrument, pull throughs remove excess moisture to prevent damage to your instrument. Pad Savers: These do the same job as a pull through, but they are stored inside the instruments when not being played. Cork Grease: This keeps the joints free moving, helping children to assemble the instruments themselves, as well as protecting the keywork from forcing an instrument together. We also have some handy care kits which have everything that you need to look after your instruments. Available for flute, clarinet and alto sax.  Cases & Bags: With instrument protection and easy transportation in mind, a gigbag is an essential accessory. It also helps children to recognise their instruments. Pull Through - Accessories Pad Saver - Accessories Cork Grease - Accessories Woodwind Gigbag - Accessories

Brass Accessories

Valve Oil: A brass players staple accessory. No one likes sticky valves! There are a variety of brands, the most popular being Blue Juice and Rocket; both of which are available to buy in multi-packs for you to keep stocked up. Trombone Slide Kit: For the trombone player, Superslick sell a '3 in 1' pack which includes: Trombone cream, slide treatment and a spray bottle. All producing the perfect glide for your slide! Cleaning brushes and cloths: Teaching younger players to look after their instrument is very important. With the right equipment and know-how, looking after their instruments can be easy. Cases & Bags: Just like with woodwind instruments, brass instruments need to be kept safe from bumps and damages. The easiest way to do this is with a case or gigbag. Gigbags with carry straps are particularly handy for the school bus.

String Accessories

Rosin: Without rosin your sting instrument won't produce a sound (or it will sound very different to how it should sound anyway). It's really important that you don't run out. There are a few different brands of Rosin; Forenza, Pirastro and Hidersine to name a few. We've also got a very handy video on how to apply rosin to a bow. Spare Strings: A snapped string is not uncommon, especially when children are learning how to tune their instruments. Having a spare set of strings is a must. You can buy strings in full sets or as individuals. For beginners I would recommend Astrea and Forenza, and for the more advanced players; Dominant or Pirastro. Shoulder Rests: When learning the violin, many teachers recommend using a shoulder rest to help develop the correct posture, whilst providing comfort for the student.

Guitar Accessories

Plectrums: One of those accessories that just seem to vanish. You can buy plectrums individually or in packs (highly recommended!) Cables: For those learning to play the electro-acoustic or electric guitar, it's always a good idea to have a spare cable (or even a choice of different length cables). If offers flexibility for your set up and comes in handy if your usual cable doesn't work! Tuner: When learning to play the guitar (and for the pro guitarist) a tuner is a must have. You can opt for a clip-on tuner, or a more traditional hand held tuner. Cases & Bags: Taking a guitar to and from school is not always easy... especially for a little person. A case or bag is important for keeping your guitar protected, as well as making it easy to transport. You can choose from a protective cover bag, a padded gigbag or a hard case.

Drumming & Percussion Accessories

Sticks: The obvious one for any drummer. You can never have too many sticks - especially if you're heavy handed! Rocket sticks are great for beginners and are available in 7A 5A and 5B - all for under £5 a pair. Drum Stick Bag: You've got to have somewhere to put all of those sticks to protect them. Spares & Essentials: Something always gets lost over the summer holidays. You can stock up on cymbal felts, hi-hat clutches, drum heads and drum keys. You never know when you might need them.

Keyboard & Piano Accessories

Headphones: With a class full of children, it's unlikely that you want them all to practice out-loud all at once. We have a great range of headphones for 'quiet practice', the Rocket and TGI headphones are particularly popular in education. Music Book Bag: A good quality music carrier will help to protect your sheet music and keep it in great condition. The fun range of colours available will be particularly popular with the children. Keyboard Stands: Being able to move keyboards about is one of the advantages that a keyboard has over a traditional piano. By using a stand that moves around just as easily - it makes for an extremely versatile classroom setting.