Back To School Must Haves for Keyboard and Piano Players
Back-to-School1 With the beginning of September approaching at a rapid pace, many students and parents are putting together a shopping list for the next term. Here at Normans we have done the hard work for you - a complete guide of must have items every keyboard and piano player will find useful to start the new academic year successfully. I hope you enjoy this article and would like to wish you all the success in your studies! Remember, if you think I have missed anything out or would like some further help or advice, then please drop me a comment below or email me on A few useful accessories for both keyboard and piano players: For those late night practice sessions... piano-keyboard-headphones-gradient-purple-orange-45278374 A good pair of headphones can be both an excellent way of having more of a private playing session as well as letting you practice later in the evening without disturbing anyone else. Good options for quiet practice include the Rocket HP02 and HP03 headphones, proven really popular with our customers and education. If you are looking for something a little more superior, you may want to consider the AKG K81 DJ Headphones or Samson SR850 Studio Headphones, both offering truly high quality sound for an enjoyable playing session. Transport your sheet music in style 3826382738283825382950923830 A good quality music carrier will keep your sheet music protected and in great condition. Here at Normans we have a huge range of colours to choose from including Blue, Purple, Black, Red, Pink, Mulberry and Green and these TGI music carriers also have light reflective strips and a good amount of space for plenty of sheet music. Choose from two different sized carriers here. Need better lighting? 5953625 Furthermore, if you are practicing in a dark environment, you may want some extra lighting on your sheet music or keyboard. I would suggest a good quality music stand light that you can simply attach to your music rest to illuminate your instrument and notes better. Great examples include Mighty Bright Music Stand Light and TGI Music Stand Lamp. For the piano player, I would also recommend trying the Stagg piano lamp available in Black or Chrome. For the keyboard player... 4854353732_cdf19f2587_b If you are playing the keyboard or would like to start learning, we are sure you will find something you like from this list of useful accessories and instruments. Keyboard bag 6539 To safely transport your instrument to and from lessons, practice sessions and gigs, you will need a quality bag that will keep it protected. We offer a great range of bags and cases to suit any price range such as the Stagg 61 Note Keyboard Bag which offers great value for money, or the Keybags 76 Note Bag, perfect for a slightly bigger keyboard. Tom and Will bags offer slightly more colourful options and are available in 3 Tone Blue and Red and Grey. Finally, we also have a wide range of cases available for even better protection. Download our complete Keyboard Bags and Sizes chart here A comfortable bench stagg-keb-a60-szintetizator-szek Making sure that you sit comfortably is very important when playing an instrument to prevent stiffness or getting tired after a while of practicing. For a student, I would always recommend an adjustable bench that will last you longer as you will be able to adjust the height as you grow. Something nice and simple like the Rocket KEB03 Keyboard bench is lightweight, portable and will not take up much room. For a slightly more sturdy option, you may want to consider the Stagg KEB-A60 which is a double braced, robust bench with extra padding. Keyboard stand 6122_2_ A good quality keyboard stand is another vital accessory for a good playing session. Here at Normans we usually recommend height adjustable, X-Style stands such as Rocket KXS01 or the double braced KXS02. Both of these stands are extremely reliable, rigid yet foldable and easy to put away. Click here for our list of best stands under £40! Pedals 779_1_ As you are moving through your grades, you may require a sustain or volume pedal to use with with your keyboard. Whether it is your first one or you would like to upgrade, here we offer great options such as Yamaha FC4 and FC5 and Casio SP-3 and SP-20 sustain pedals which provide a really nice response and rich, reverberating sustain effect. For the more advanced player, Yamaha FC7 Volume pedal will be a great step forward providing articulation option with your Yamaha arranger-style instrument. Looking for the best beginners instrument? Click on the links below! Top 5 Best Keyboards Under £100 Buying A Keyboard: A Complete Guide Top 5 Starter Keyboards Of 2015 What to Look for When Buying a Keyboard For the pianist... 4ykNOOt If you have or wish to play an acoustic or digital piano, you may benefit from some of these accessories... A sturdy bench bn-1018 A good quality, wooden bench will ensure you are sitting comfortably throughout your playing session while helping you maintain the correct posture. Here at Normans we have a great selection of piano benches to match your piano, your needs and budget. Ideally, I would recommend purchasing an adjustable stool so that you can make sure it's at the correct height - this is especially important for children and teenagers as they will grow and therefore its especially important to sit at in the right position. Our customer favourites include the Rocket Adjustable Piano Bench with Music Box and the Rocket Adjustable Double Piano Stool which is great for a duet and available in a range of colours. If you are looking for a bench to match your Yamaha Piano, we stock the Yamaha B1 Series models in a range of colours. Remember, if you cannot find the colour/style of the bench you are looking for, please contact our sales team and we will be happy to help. Metronome Wittner_metronome Even if your digital piano already has a built-in metronome, sometimes you may find it easier to use a manual one and some of them actually have a really nice vintage look. Of course, if you are practicing on an acoustic instrument, this accessory is absolutely essential and will contribute greatly to developing your sense of rhythm and timing. From cheaper, digital options such as Korg MA-1 Digital Metronome to the colourful Percussion Plus models up to the more old-school, great quality TGI and Wittner Metronomes there is a wide variety of styles and colours to choose from. Wooden stand/pedal board 74C385663E9F4098BF8F491170322D7C_12074 If you have been playing on a portable digital piano and wish to give it a more substantial feel either by adding a wooden stand, pedal board or both, we have a great selection for Yamaha and Casio models. Click here for our range of wooden stands available for a variety of popular models and click here to see our pedal boards - if you can't see the right accessory for your piano or need some advice, then please contact our sales team. Searching for your perfect instrument? We have plenty of useful advice available below: Buying A Digital Piano - A Helpful Guide Digital VS Acoustic Piano 3 Of The Best Upright Pianos for Beginners Digital Piano Jargon Buster