girl listening to music
girl listening to music First, let's speak about the way music affects a person in terms of work and creativity.

Does music help a person to concentrate?

Yes and no! In general, in order for a person to concentrate on something, listening to music is not necessary. This is because the complete silence is well suited for the best concentration. This can be applied to most of us. However, some people need some background in the process of work, for thinking and making important decisions. They use the sounds of music not only to concentrate, but also to raise mental efficiency. Only a few do not consider music as something inspiring. Music truly helps us and has been proved by a survey conducted among professionals. Including a mixture of middle and senior managers of LinkedIn (a social network for establishing business ties and expanding professional contacts). As a result, 71% of participants said that they feel the positive impact of music on their productivity. With regard to physical labour, the musical composition will hardly be distracting and work will continue as normal!

How does listening to music effect you?

It's been reported doctors do not recommend listening to bands that play rap, hard rock and heavy metal, for a long time. This is evidenced by studies, recently conducted by Melbourne scientists. Rock music is often the cause of aggression. Rap music evokes negative emotions and heavy metal can even cause mental disorders....! Doctors much prefer for you to listen to classical music, it normalizes the heart rate and raises the level of immunoglobulin (an antibody in your plasma cells which helps the immune system) in the blood. In order to know what impact music of a particular genre has on you... pay attention to your emotions and feelings (everyone is different, after all!).

How does the sound of certain instruments effect you?

Some experts are convinced that not only the style, rhythm or genre of the composition matter. The musical instrument, on which the melody was played, matters also. The sound of a musical instrument influences a certain organ of your body. For example, instruments such as violin, guitar or cello - have a healing effect on the heart and vessels. Moreover, the sound of strings gives a person the sense of calmness, serenity, love. Magical music of the piano helps to calm down the psyche, to clean vessels, to adjust the work of the genitourinary system (helping you go to the toilet and baby making.. Oo La La!). Meanwhile, the sounds of organ normalize the energy rush in the back. In addition, it stimulates brain activity. Woodwind instruments clean the bronchi (airway) and improve the work of the lungs. In addition, they have a positive effect on blood vessels and circulation of blood.

A musical rhythm...

Wherever we are, whether we like it or not, we are constantly accompanied by musical rhythms. In childhood - lullabies, our favourite radio station playing in a traffic jam and (of course) karaoke from the neighbours. At the same time, we do not think about the enormous influence of these rhythms on our inner world. German scholars have found that lullabies are much more effective than sleeping pills. Listened at night lullabies provide a deep, healthy sleep, both for children and adults. In addition, harmonic sounds lay the foundation for the spiritual and physical development of the future baby.

How do musical vibrations effect us?

Musical vibrations, reaching deeply lying tissues, massage internal organs and stimulate blood circulation in them, affect the bone structure and the organism as a whole. Elderly Lady Listening to MusicPsychologists say that the coincidence of natural biorhythms and musical rhythms amplifies the impact of sounds on the body. If there is a discrepancy, the biological rhythms of a person are adjusted to the sounds of music, which changes its psycho-emotional mood. We all have individual vibrational rhythms, so we have different musical tastes (who knew)! With age, all processes in the body slow down, including vibrational. That is why, calm melodies are preferred more than rapid and rhythmic as you grow older. Music is a wonderful phenomenon, which has become very important in the life of each person (whether they realise it or not). Enjoy the music in your life and be sure that it will bring benefits to your body and soul! If you'd like to read more from Melisa, you can read her blog here.