pcornet front

It's here! Actually, really, truly, here! As in, in our hands, unpacked and ready for dispatch, here.

The pCornet...


pcornet is here

There has been a fair bit of hype around the highly anticipated arrival of this plastic masterpiece. We are happy to report that they live up to expectation.

Made off the back of the extensive research that went into the pTrumpet, the pBrass family have created another quality beginners instrument that has all the tone, responsiveness and range of any brass cornet, with all of the added bonuses on Plastic. pcornet front The first, and most substantial benefit, in our view, is the valve block. Like the pTrumpet this single block of plastic has a truly clever design that allows you to put any valve in any any position: Anyway round! Perfect for the young or inexperienced player. You can't go wrong. Staying in the same area we are delighted to have yet another valved instrument that doesn't need any oil. The plastic valves are designed to - after a some playing - wear in. This means you do not need to splash out on buying numerous bottles of - toxic - valve oil that always seem to be lost before they are used up. pcornet angle Another obvious bonus to the plastic design is its notably light weight. This is perfect for; children; marching musicians; as well as those with troubled joints. There really is no reason not to pick up this b-e-a-utiful instrument. Furthermore, the Cornet is an instrument that keeps your center of gravity closer to your body making it - arguably - easier to play. We are looking forward to getting a whole range of colors in what we hope is the not-too-distant-future.

Supplied with a 2B and 4B Denis Wick plastic mouthpiece, as well as a drawstring cover, this instrument is ready to go and would make a welcome addition to any stocking this festive season.