Finish. Yes, the finish first.

Shining in Silver, both the Besson and Montreux range's look the part. Whether in a First Division Brass Band or being the (literal) Shining Star of the School Band, both Besson and Montreux have you covered. All in all, they both have great Silver finishes that will be sure to make you stand out.


But what if you think - "aren't lacquer Cornets just much prettier than their Silver counterparts." Well, if you have a look at the Besson range then you may just change your opinion as they've made some bold finish choices. May I direct you to the BE2052-2-0 Euphonium, the BE2056-2-0 Baritone and - most strikingly - the BE2028-2-0 Cornet. These top of the range insruments are not only finished with a beautiful silver, they also have gold plated elements, which in my opinion make this range of brass instrument the most eye-catching around.

What's Available?

Both of these brands offer a wide range of fantastic instruments. Montreux and Besson both provide high quality Cornets, Tenor Horns, Baritones, Compensating Euphoniums and EEB Tubas. However, Besson does steal the upper hand by offering an Eb and a BBb Tuba in their range. Besson also has an overall wider range of instruments, starting with the New Standard Series and progressing all the way through the Prestige models. If you would like to to hear more about the ranges then please call our Sales Team on 01283 535 333 option 1.
Compensating Euphonium
Tenor Horn
EEb Tuba
Eb Tuba
BBb Tuba


When playing any instrument, the sound is pretty much the main point of everything. Besson instruments are renowned for their traditional brass band sound; they boast a warm and full tone that is instantly recognisable. It is for this reason they are a top choice for Brass-Banders everywhere. For a long time there was no real competitor that could take on Bessons great sound. But that's all changed. Montreux are offering some stiff competition. Listen for yourself.


So, they both look great. They both sound great. So, finally, let's factor in the cost. Who has the winning prices? Well, click the drop down menu below for the grand reveal.



Besson BE177 New Standard Series Eb Tuba
Besson Sovereign BE994 BBb Tuba in Silver
You can see that Montreux comes out on top when it comes to price, offering a much more affordable option.


Overall I think both brands have a lot to offer - Besson is a World renowned brand that carries a lot of Prestige (excuse the pun) meaning you know you're going to be purchsing a high class instrument. For me though Montreux steals the show with its value for money, giving advancing players the opportunity to play a high grade instrument for an affordable price.