Best Digital Piano for Adult Beginners

You have made the big decision in learning to play the piano. With so many different models out there, it can be difficult to find the ideal one for you. We stock a variety of amazing pianos here at Normans, and so hopefully this blog will help you to pick the right one!  

Axus D2 Digital Piano

The AXD2 is one of the models we are most enthusiastic about for new players and is host to some incredible features you would not usually find in a digital piano at this price! Of course, it has the traditional functions you would expect it to have (e.g. weighted keys, three pedals, touch-sensitivity), but there is much more! It has a range of voices and styles to enhance your music, and a range of settings to make it totally customisable. Like I said, you don’t normally find this in a digital piano at this price, and this is where the Axus D2 shocks everybody! It is available in either a black finish and comes with its very own piano style bench! Yamaha YDP144

For those who want a realistic piano tone, along with excellent playability, the YDP144 is one you should be looking at. Due to Yamaha’s state of the art sampling technology, they have managed to capture the tone and quality of a concert grand piano, and include it in their digital range. It has an 88 note, weighted full sized keyboard, giving you the full experience you’d get from an acoustic instrument. The YDP144 also features a two track recording system, so you can easily record the left and right hand parts to your song! This is a brilliant piano, which would fit in to any room in the house! It is available in black, rosewood and white! Casio AP-270

The AP-260BK is brilliant for those who want to learn some new songs without having to have separate music lessons. It has 60 built in songs, and the score book that comes with it has all of these pieces in! You can listen to it, and then play along. It will improve both you’re playing skills and your musical theory knowledge! Casio have also introduced a range of technology within this piano to help make it as realistic as possible, which has previously only been shown on some of their more expensive models. The piano has 18 built in voices, the “split/layer” function, and MIDI connections so you can create as much music as you want! 

I hope this helps you decide what sort of piano you want to start with. We do have more models available to view on our website and if you have any more questions, please contact us via or 01283 535333.