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As an adult learning to play the clarinet for the first time, your expectations and requirements for an instrument can be different to those of a child that is learning to play. Whether you will be playing for pleasure, working through some graded exams or hoping to play in some musical groups. You will want a high quality clarinet that is a pleasure to play, and will push you on to progress as a musician. Here at Normans we have a good selection of clarinets to choose from, and we have picked out a few in this blog which we feel are suited to the more mature player!


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Yamaha YCL255

  •  The YCL255 by Yamaha is made from ABS resin, making it the most affordable and lightweight clarinet in this blog.
  • This instrument would be well suited to someone who doesn’t want to invest a lot in a clarinet but still wants a high quality instrument.
  • As this clarinet is made from ABS resin it's much lighter in weight than the wooden clarinets mentioned below. This can be a positive for people who may struggle to support the weight of heavier wooden clarinets.
  • Being able to manage the weight of your instrument comfortably will allow you to focus on you posture and producing a sound.
  • Yamaha has a great reputation as a clarinet producer, and their selection of plastic clarinets is no exception, with a fantastic build quality and high quality sound. 

Montreux Concert Series Bb Clarinet

  • The Montreux Concert Series Bb Clarinet is an excellent alternative for those who are serious about their performance, and are looking to invest a little bit more in their development and progression.
  • The sound is deep, warm and resonant, yet the outstanding aspect of this Montreux Clarinet is its versatility. 
  • This clarinet has been professionally designed using carefully selected, aged ebony wood, which is adaptable to the player and the style of music performed.
  • The precision silver-plate keywork, springs, pads and tapered tone-holes allow for an enhanced performance with improved interpretation, articulation and tonal balance.
  • New to the design is a fully adjustable thumb rest to accommodate different hand sizes, aiding developing players to gain a proper technique and endurance.

Yamaha YCL450

  • The YCL450 is the finest in our clarinet range. Very robust and responsive, this instrument produces a surprisingly professional sound, while being very reasonably priced.
  • Perfect for the intermediate-advanced student and enthusiast who has outgrown their beginners’ clarinet and wishes to move on to a high quality, tonally responsive and professionally engineered instrument.
  • With a barrel design and bell shape very similar to that of Yamaha’s professional Custom V Series, the YCL450 Clarinet offers a very pure, focused and responsive sound through all registers.
  • The body is made solely of Grenadilla wood, and features 17 silver-plated, hard-wearing keys that are supported by blue steel springs for added ergonomics. 

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