When beginning the drums, you have decide which drum kit you would like to learn on. You have to be conscious of space, volume and price amongst how appropriate the kits components or features are for you. The big divide between buying your first drum kit is electric or acoustic? Do you want a drum kit that doesn't take up too much room? Or do you want the real more authentic feel of an acoustic kit? The main things to look for is something that can withstand a good beating, as well as something that will suit your needs. A drum kit specifically designed for beginners is a great option. Ideal for those who are interested in learning but might think that they won't continue past the “home-drummer” level. They are affordable and great for all around uses. They also last until you are ready to take the next step to an intermediate level.

Acoustic Drum Kit

If you are looking for an acoustic kit then the Rocket 5 Piece 22in Drum Kit is a great option. It is very affordable and comes with everything you’ll need. This drum kit comes in the classic rock configuration of a bass drum, two rack toms, a floor tom and a snare drum. It also includes hi-hats and a crash cymbal. Along with this, all of the hardware including stands, kick drum pedal and drum throne are included. If you’re looking for an affordable drum kit that will be perfect for learning the drums then this one is ideal. The footprint for this kit is roughly 6 feet squared. The Rocket 5 Piece drum kit comes in a Black finish. tornado-drum-kitIf you are looking to spend a bit more, Mapex offer their beginner kit, the Tornado III. This kit is very similar to the Rocket kit in it’s configuration. This kit has slightly improved hardware and 9-ply Poplar shells. The Mapex Tornado III is ideal for someone who is confident they will to play the drums for a while. For younger drummers, there are options such as the Rocket 5-piece Junior Drum Kit. This is more suitable for those between the ages of 5 and 10. This kit still offers the full range of components, just in a smaller size to make it more manageable for younger players. This comes in a Red finish.

Electric Drum Kit

If you are needing to be a bit more conscious of space and volume, an electric kit would be perfect. Being electric, they can be played through headphones or an external speaker. They also fold away into a much smaller package. carlsbro-drum-kitThe Carlsbro CSD120 Drum Kit Bundle. is a great option, offering everything you need to get started. The pads emulate the traditional 5-piece setup. This kit is also collapsible to an even smaller size, and comes with a drum throne and headphones. Ideal if you’re looking for something that comes with everything at a great price. For something a bit more affordable, there is the Carlsbro CSD100. Featuring fewer sounds than the CSD120, and a larger footprint, this is great for those who are looking to spend a bit less.