Yamaha P-121 | The Brand New Digital Piano!

Blending the core elements of a realistic feel, immersive sounds and compact design, the brand-new Yamaha P-121 Digital Piano is perfect for musicians on the move, but also as a first time, learner instrument.

Great… so what is it??

yamaha We at Normans are very excited to get a hold of the new Yamaha P-121, as it will be our very first 73 note piano! Yes, you heard correct… 73 keys!! This is absolutely perfect for the gigging musician, as for those who don’t really need the full 88, it saves them carrying around the extra length! However, don’t worry. Just because it doesn’t have as many keys doesn’t mean it lacks on quality!! Of course, being a Yamaha instrument, the sound you hear when you power up the keyboard will not disappoint. You will be joined by the renowned CFIIIS 9’ Concert Grand Piano, which has been played at some of the best classical venues in the world. This, alongside the Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) action, will give you a realistic feel we have come to expect from Yamaha quality instruments.


Anything else I should know about??

Oh yes, of course there’s more…
yamaha It’s not just a piano you know! In addition to the CFIIIS voice, you get an additional 24 instrumental tones and 20 backing rhythms! It is quite rare in weighted pianos these days that you find so many ‘keyboard’ functions in a professional level instrument, and so makes the P-121 even more interactive and suitable for any level of playing.


Is it portable?!?

Yes, it is.
yamaha The fact that it is a 73-note keyboard helps make the piano even more versatile than some of its bigger, more expensive family members. Believe it or not, it only weighs 10kg. Crazy, right?!? But nevertheless, with a fabulous 2-way speaker system and a whole array of connectivity options, you will be able to produce some excellent music.


Speaking of connections…

Oh, did I not say? My apologies.
yamaha The P-121 boasts a glorious range of connections to give you full control. There’s a sustain port, to connect a pedal to enhance your classical skills even further. You’ll also find a place for your USB to HOST cable, so you can connect the piano to your computer to transfer MIDI files and recordings. Best of all though, TWO (not one, but TWO) headphone inputs. Perfect for those school holidays when your children want to “practice”, but you want to catch up on your daytime TV… So that’s the P-121! A 73 note, weighted piano that has features for every kind of player!