While learning at home, without the aid of a physical teacher, it’s good to have the right instrument. There are a few options all depend on personal taste, budget and your own personal goals.


Classical Guitar

The easiest option to choose. With nylon strings they are considerably nicer on your fingers than other options. The lower tension ensures this.

Classical guitars are also perfect for younger players, coming in a variety of sizes.

A fairly low-cost model will be perfectly fine for most people starting out. However, if you have loftier goals and want to spend a bit more then there are some great options.

I recommend the Rocket Classical Guitar for those who are money conscious. Where, the Admira Alba is a great option for those with a higher budget.

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitars probably have the steepest learning curve. They tend to use thicker strings than the other options. But they ensure the most volume without amplification. They are also very popular for those want to play popular music, or singers.

3rd Avenue offer an affordable option for those up for the challenge. However, if you wanted something a bit higher priced if you think this is a longer-term investment, the Yamaha F310 is a perfect option.

Electric Guitar

The electric guitar sits in the middle when it comes to ease of learning from home. However, needing an amp can affect opinions on them. An amp adds cost, it also adds the potential for a lot of volume!

If you want to go down the route of the electric guitar, you will have the ability for a variety of tones. You will also be able to expand with different amps or pedals. So great for someone who wants to tweak further down the line.

Rocket offer a great starter guitar, which also comes as a pack including the amp. Otherwise, a bit more expensive, Squier have a great starter model. Being the sister company to Fender, Squier have been cemented as a popular beginner guitar for years.