“What is the worst sound you can imagine? Finger nails scraping down a blackboard, a howling wolf, bagpipes(!), Eurovision contestants…

...or someone starting to learn the violin?

Well don’t worry. With a bit of patience, practice and a suitable instrument all will be fine.

You wouldn’t buy a 200mph supercar if you had just passed your driving test because it would be unsuitable. The same goes for buying instruments. If you are about to start learning the violin, a Stradivarius (current auction prices £1.7m - £12m) would not be suitable as you might go too fast and crash it!


 The principal of learning any musical instrument is similar; learn the basics of sound production; tempo; articulation (tuning) and; music theory. In the case of the violin, through bowing and finger placement technique, posture and building the tonal quality and techniques to achieve a tuneful and enjoying outcome. Children often start the learning process on a good quality 1/10, 1/8, 1/4/ or 1/2 size violin, depending on their size. Some of the finest makes on offer are the Forenza and Stentor brands, expertly manufactured to achieve excellent results. what-violin-size-do-i-need For adults starting out on the violin performance journey, the above brands all offer full sized models to suit any budget, with an exceptional hand made quality and professional specifications.

The Stentor Range

Starting with the Stentor 1018 entry model Violin. The Stentor "Student" is the entry-level quality student model made by Stentor - the world's leading makers of student stringed instruments. Stentor Standard violins are made to correct measurements and specifications out of carved solid tone wood with black hardwood pegs and fingerboard. The outfit comes with an attractive lightweight case with brown outer cover and a good student wood bow, making it an ideal starting point for a beginner. Available in 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and full size. Stentor I 1400 Violin The Stentor I 1400 is a very popular model with our customers here at Normans. It is a really good quality instrument suitable for a beginner, allowing you to progress nicely through your grades or purely for your enjoyment. The 1400 Series include good-quality features while still remaining affordable. These violins are carved from solid spruce and maple creating a wonderful tone that resonates all through the well-built body. The fittings are made of blackened rosewood that provides a really nice feel when playing the violin. Of course, there is an alloy tailpiece with integral adjusters to help you achieve your perfect tone. Again, they are available in the full range of sizes. The additional features of the Stentor II 1500 series is no doubt, offering a great upgrade in build quality and the woods used. It is the product of Stentor’s many years of experience in crafting world-class instruments and is incredibly popular with students everywhere as well as highly recommended by teachers. The 1500 model has a solid, carved spruce table and carved maple back, side and neck. There are ebony fittings included that will add a quality feel for a truly great playing experience. Individual hand shaping and finishing and traditional varnish are exactly what gives these violins its beautiful looks.1500/a violin The Stentor II 1500 Violin provides superb playability and creates a warm, pure and resonant tone that everyone will enjoy. The complete outfit comes with a quality case, resilient wooden bow, integral cover and some rosin. Strings are fitted and tensioned, and the durable bridge is set up, therefore, all you need to do is tune your violin to enjoy the great playing experience it has to offer.

Award Winner: Forenza Prima II

Without a doubt, this is one of the best student violins on the market and is perfect if 'value-for-money' and quality is important to you? The Forenza Prima violins are designed to give a student the finest potential start to their music career. Designed with leading string educators in the UK to create a new standard in both quality and value, they integrate technical specification with a precise set up to provide a superior violin. With more similarities than differences when compared to the Stentor II Violin the Forenza Prima 2 Violin is without doubt our most popular student violin, offering intermediate quality for a beginners price. This violin has become our best seller by far, and is praised by schools, teachers and music hubs due to its low price, great sound, reliability and high quality.similarities between forenza and stentor The hand carved Prima bodies feature solid ebony fingerboards and are made from selected tone woods. Ebony pegs, nuts and saddles, are fitted as standard, together with upgraded premium strings with E string protector. But not only do you get a top quality violin, also you get a lightweight case with accessory pockets and carrying straps. The wood bow with ebony frog is of a high quality as is the rosin, giving you a complete outfit to start your violin career. Simply 'fantastic Forenza'!

So, don’t put it off any longer. Music is the food of love, you’re hungry, and at Normans we have the worlds best menu!

music is the best menu!