white piano and bench on black background
Every piano player needs a good keyboard bench to sit on, don’t they? You need to make sure it’s comfy first and foremost, but then also that it will serve its purpose when practicing. We stock a varied range of benches, stools, seats (whatever you want to call them,) so let’s have a quick look at them shall we… keyboard bench

Stagg KEB-A10 X-Style Keyboard Bench

A very popular bench for practically every piano/keyboard that it on the market. It is a simple design with a strong, sturdy construction and rubber grips to hold itself to the floor. The main benefit of something like this is that it can be folded down and set up very quickly, meaning it is perfect for areas with limited space, or live events. Also, being height adjustable, it is perfect for children who need to set it at different heights for lessons etc.

Rocket PS01BK Piano Stool

A more traditional looking piano bench. It has a wooden construction, and so is a very sturdy design which is suitable for use with both digital and acoustic pianos. The padded seat makes it very comfortable for long playing sessions, and it is a nice compact design so it won’t take up too much space when not being used. You’ll find this stool in several of our ‘piano packages’, so we highly recommend it!

Stagg Hydraulic Piano Bench

Certainly a sleeker looking piano stool, but with a hydraulic system! This is perfect again for use with both digital and acoustic pianos. It has a very simple way of adjusting the height, with two levers on each side of the seat. The seat is velvet padded, and so it both looks but feels fantastic. It looks more modern than some other options available, and so this is definitely an option to consider.

Stagg Adjustable Double Piano Stool

The perfect piano bench for both student and teacher during piano lessons. Main reason, it has two height adjustable seats, designed for dual playing. The seats have a velvet cover on, which gives extra comfort whilst playing. This stool is also available in a number of different finishes, to match different piano colours and styles. The wooden frame does give the stool a traditional look, but it is excellent for duet performances.

Stagg Concert Piano Bench

The best piano bench you can get really. This Concert Stool is what you would expect to sit upon in concert halls and more professional environments, due to its well-cushioned padded seat with a black leather top. Again, it is height adjustable, meaning you can get the correct posture when playing long pieces of music. It is more pricey than other piano stools, but this mainly because they are more designed and common with use on acoustic pianos. keyboard bench