Cowbells. No, not what a cow wears – cowbells are percussion instruments, used in a variety of genres of music. How did they get their name? They’re named after the bells used by herdsmen which made sure they knew where their cows/cattle were. Enough of the history lesson, are they any good? Well, this blog explores cowbells, and focuses on our rocket brand.

How to play?

Holding the cowbell with your non-dominant hand, on the tapered end, is actually one of the better ways to hold a cowbell. You then need to hit the closest side of the bell with your drumstick. In order to get a low sound, you must hit the cowbell on its open end. In order to get a higher sound, you must hit the cowbell towards the top. By hitting the middle of the cowbell you get the middle pitch.

Classroom use?

Our rocket cowbell range are great for use in classrooms. Why? They are easily storable, great value for money and are easy for all ages to play. Cowbells are perfect for teaching pupils simple and complex rhythm patterns. As well as this, they stay in a solid position, meaning that they will survive in hectic music lessons! Not only this, but they can be used in ensembles and even individually!

cowbellWhy rocket?

Our rocket cowbells are budget friendly and ranging from 4.5-9.5 inches, the rocket cowbells are an outstanding selection. Each of them produces a loud tone, and is consisted of a sturdy and robust steel construction. They maintain a solid position, meaning that they can withstand continuous strikes. With a durable black finish, the cowbells can either be played individually or attached onto a drum kit.


Perfect for schools, our Rocket Cowbell range will provide you with high quality, sturdy cowbells, without breaking the bank. See our full range here.