Jumbie Jams are colourful steel pans that bring fun and creativity into the room.

Jumbie Jam Steel Pans

JUMBIE JAMThese Jumbie Jam Steel Pans give a very Caribbean, tropical vibe. They are made with high quality and produce a professional sound. Perfect for beginners, the steel pans have the notes marked on them to hopefully make playing a bit easier. They are all tuned to the key of G and come with mallets and beginner guide to get you going. Jumbie Jams are a great way to encourage children to start playing music as steel pans are an unusual yet fun way to make music. It’s different to the typical instrument that most students will begin to learn music on. There is no hard technique involved in playing the jumbie jams (such as an embouchure or holding something heavy) which will encourage students to persevere. They introduce the idea of scales and will allow students to work on other techniques such as rhythm and timing. BLUE JUMBIE JAM If you fancied ‘vamping’ up the aesthetics, they also come in other colours such as pink and blue! These also come with funky feet at the bottom of the stand for extra balance.

These are the same as the above, the only difference being the stand is shorter so they can be played at either a desk or any other surfaces. The table top steel pans are perfect for the classroom. Students can sit at the desk whilst still being able to play an instrument, making it less manic than if you were to have full size stands. These also won't need to take up extra floor space and come in a range of colours to choose from.


Also great for the classroom or bigger groups are the Jumbie Jam packs. They are a pack of 4 table top steel pans. These also come in the same colour range as the single steel pans. So your classroom or music group can be a traditional grey or a bright and cheery pink, blue or purple!