The Easiest Musical Instruments to Learn - 2017

Learning an instrument as an adult can be somewhat intimidating, especially as most people believe that learning when you’re a child is the only successful way. Speaking as someone who didn’t even pick up an instrument with the intention of learning until I was 18, I can safely say that making that step to learn an instrument will be one of the most rewarding things that you can do, no matter what age.

There are so many advantages to learning to play in your adulthood; so don’t worry. It’s easier than you think. With the rise of free online resources such as YouTube and online lessons, now is the best time to make the initial step to learn.

Making that first step and finding an instrument that is best suited to you can be difficult, so here is my list of the easiest instruments that you can learn.


I’m kicking off the list with the most affordable of the bunch, the Harmonica. Commonly used among country, folk and blues music, the harmonica is one of those instruments that is loved by everyone. It’s one of the least intimidating instruments to pick up, as it’s almost impossible to sound bad with a harmonica as any note will be in key. You can find harmonicas for as little as £5, which is ideal for just starting out – I certainly wouldn’t want to spend a huge amount on an instrument that I might not get along with!

Most harmonicas are small enough to take with you anywhere, which means that you can practice whenever and wherever is convenient for you.

The harmonica is great to learn at your own pace, and if you’re not that computer savvy, there are always plenty of books that can help you out.

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If your end goal is to learn how to play the drums, starting off with the bongos is a wise choice. It’s much simpler than a full drum set, but it will certainly start you off and give you the same satisfying feeling. Originating from Cuba, the bongos fill me with rhythm and make me want to get up and salsa – definitely a fun conversation starter of an instrument!

It won’t cost you a bomb either, as the standard price for beginner bongos is around £40. A great and easy choice for both children and adults!

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The piano has to come into this list, purely for the fact that there is so much learning materials out there to help you learn, as it’s one of the most popular instruments. Despite it may seeming complicated at first, having the ability to have the notes right in front of you makes the entire learning process so much easier than learning other instruments.

Pianos are commonly disregarded due to their potential to become rather pricey. However, there’s always the option to go for a budget keyboard to start you off.

Having said that, a piano is definitely a secure investment, with a huge amount of resources to help you learn the piano successfully.

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The last instrument on my list is my favourite of all, the ukulele. After two years of failing miserably at learning the guitar, I picked up a ukulele. With only four strings and extremely simple chords, I was able to pick it up straight away and learn some of my favourite songs within a couple of weeks. The simplicity of the instrument doesn’t make it sound any less beautiful, as the sweet music fills the air with Hawaiian culture. If you’re looking to play the guitar in the future, this is a great step in the right direction as you will pick up many fundamental skills that will make it easier to pick up the guitar when the time comes.

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With the help of apps, tutorials, websites and online lessons, instruments have never been easier to learn. There’s no right or wrong, just simply get out there and find what instrument works the best for you!