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Born c. 18th century into German speaking countries the Tenor Recorder - aka the Quartflöte - is the chunky bigger sibling to the some what weedier version you properly got your mitts on in school. Despite what they say: Less isn't more. MORE IS MORE.

Tenor recorder

Key Tenor Recorder Facts

Falls in the Woodwind family, (and inside the internal duct flutes within that) Pitched in C - one 8ve lower that the weedy school Recorders Modern notation written at pitch Sounds a fourth lower than the 'Ordinary' Recorder (the Alto/Treble Recorder) Traditionally does not have any of the keys you see on many modern models that assist in reach.  If you want the opportunity to sound like a magical cross between Gershwin - A north-east Chinese Composer - a Musical Virtuoso (and a actual wizard) as well as getting your hands on one of these bad boys to have a bash at a Tang Jianping masterpiece I applaud you. Also, if you manage it please call me. And teach me. I want to learn this. So. Much. Just not enough to dedicate the time to figuring it out... Anyway back to you being inspired by Michala the Not Gershwin/Not Chinese/Recorder Virtuoso. 

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