yamaha keyboards
Yamaha Keyboards are the perfect instrument to get your musical career started. With a wide range of different models - each with new and enhanced functions - new players will have a great start to their music education. Here, I will go through some different models you want to consider when looking to buy your starter instrument.


The first Yamaha keyboard that starts the beginner keyboard family off is the PSR-F51. This is designed to give new players a great start into the world of music. It has a range of different sounds and accompaniment styles to enhance learning and progress. If you are not too sure whether it will be something you take up properly, this allows you to get a high quality instrument without a big investment.yamaha keyboards


The next keyboard with a noticeable difference is the PSRE363. Main reason? The keys are touch sensitive, which replicate the feel and sound you get when playing an acoustic piano. It is also renowned for having the Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.) This is a piece of kit which enables you to learn some of the built in songs, without any pressure. Perfect, if you have a spare 30 minutes or just fancy having a go at playing a new song.yamaha keyboards


The PSRE453 is very popular for those beginner players who are looking for a slightly more advanced keyboard. As above it has 61 touch sensitive keys and the in-built Yamaha Education Suite. But, this keyboard also features registration banks, to save sounds and effects when playing live or recording. Also with the PSRE453, you find new DJ controls. Using the two assignable knobs on the side of the keyboard, you can choose from a whole host of different parameters which allow you to customise your music even more.yamaha keyboards


Some new players aren’t too bothered about all of the fancy functions that Yamaha keyboards have to offer. If you are after more of a true, realistic piano sound and feel, then have a look at the Piaggero range. Available in both 61 and 76 note models, they focus more on replicating the feel and response you get from an acoustic piano, and have slightly weighted keys which give the instrument a more accurate touch. Incredibly lightweight as well, these are excellent for taking to your piano lessons or to different practice sessions.yamaha keyboards You can be sure that choosing a Yamaha keyboard will give you a fantastic start to your music career, from the great sound to the high-quality instrument voices. If you have any more questions on any of these keyboards, please do feel free to get in touch where we will be happy to help!