Man Playing French Horn
Man Playing French Horn The French Horn is a tricky kettle of fish. An instrument rarely taken on by a beginner it offers a challenge even to the most experienced Brass enthusiast. It is an instrument of contradictions, with a unique sound, unofficially known as the French horn, and invented in the 1700s by a German man. 'Unwrapped' it reaches a staggering 20 feet. You should buy one. I want to buy one. Maybe a certain manager would like to give me an advance to buy one... yes?... no... oh, okay. The below product information and prices are accurate as of today only. I make ZERO promises about tomorrow. You could well be reading this tomorrow, give us a call and double check. Mini French Horn For the babbies This 'mini' horn offers the mini people that chance to start playing their dream instrument earlier than ever. Smaller and lighter its main focus is being easier to handle and fill. On top of this, it has a down right inviting price tag. Trust me, compared to most Horns £255.00 is almost too good to be true. Speaking of too good to be true A whole £6 cheaper than the above this full sized single F Horn is a steal. Sturdy and no frills this Horn offers a great starting point for the novice or those curious in dabbling alongside another discipline. This model also proves popular with rather more advanced players: skill not age. At a considerably lower price than professional models, many pit players are drawn to this robust instrument. If it happens to get kicked by an inconsiderate Flautist in the close quarters of a theatre pit it is far less apocalyptic than damage to, say, a beloved hand made double-triple-quadruple wrapped solid gold horn that you love more dearly than your first born and re-mortgaged your house for without discussing it with your partner which may or may not have put massive strain on your marriage and made you both question getting a divorce. You don't want to risk damage to that one. French Horn Bit of a jump here Well, not everything can offer the insane value of the Elkhart instruments. But never fear: you are indeed getting more bang for your buck. Firstly we have the PAX1. The perfect compromise. This Compensating 'half-double' Horn is aimed at the progressing student who needs - or wants - a Bb / F Horn but may struggle with the note worthy weight of a 'full' double horn and the mass of extra tubing that goes with it. Even musicians who play predominantly in Bb are drawn to this model as - unlike a single Horn - the player can also have the option of playing F. With the name Paxman, you are getting an English built Horn from a company who started production way back in '45. Any Horn player worth their salt knows the Paxman name and the high quality in build, tone and feel that comes with it. According to our customer reviews it even, ''compares favourably with instruments at twice the price.'' Creeping up Up from the PAX1 Paxman give us the PAX2. This model is not a million miles from PAX1 but the 2 is the whole package. A non-compensating Horn, this instrument has every twist and turn of tubing perfect for all the Bb/F playing of a budding professional. With the name Paxman ... well we already covered that. French Horn PAX 2 A Household Name. Yamaha. I know, you know it and even great Aunt Tessa has heard of it. The YHR567 Horn is a popular piece of kit. And it's nor surprise! With easy response and clear note centering this model is a highly desirable instrument for intermediate players of all ages. Yamaha French Horn NO. Do not buy this one. I want this one. It's mine! The Crème de la Crème this horn stands alone. While not the height of current fashion its dark, complex sound is second to none. With virtually silent valves this it is effortless to blow and create a sound that would rival any professional. When you play the right notes. Obviously I'm talking about the H-378. Obviously. No competition. While todays preference may - usually - be for a brighter and sharper sounding Horn, the bore size, bell flair and use of a yellow brass bell of the Holton come together to create a rich, complex sound that is in equal parts irresistibly dark and mysterious. If you want anything different I disagree with your judgement. Top Notch French Horn Top Dog. Do you prefer the strong sound of a large bell instrument? Then this orchestral newest incarnation of Yamaha's Kruspe-style French horn is designed with you in mind. Characterized by deep, warm tone colors, the 668 features secure note centers and impeccable intonation. Due to the relatively thin metal on this model we find that beginner players or those fighting to be hear in their school band don't really get along too well with it. That's because this is a top end horn designed to be played by top end players. Yamaha Top Notch French Horn