handheld percussion
The demand for Handheld Percussion has grown considerably over the past few years. After all, classroom based music has been introduced into many Early Years Foundation Schools and Primary Schools upwards. The beauty of these instruments is that they give children instant access to music. Due to their (generally) robust nature children can have a go with every single instrument. The A-Star range has become the leading seller at Normans for all things percussion. Their range offers everything from small castanets all the way to diatonic xylophones. Educators have praised the quality and robustness of the instruments... as we all know the little ones can get a little too excited! We thought we should showcase some of the range and tell you a little bit about each instrument. Below we highlight some of the great value products that A-Star offer that would be ideal to add to your collection, or be the essentials to get the classroom going.

A-Star Headless Tambourines

A staple for the collection, these robust A-Star Tambourines come in 3 different sizes. This makes them suitable for a range of ages. Often the headless ones are be preferred by teachers. As we all know, accidents can happen! The smaller range ideal for the Early Years and Primary School Pupils. The larger size great for Secondary School ensembles. They are available in 6'', 8'' and 10''. handheld percussion tambourines

A-Star Claves

At the recent Music Expo we had a chat with a handful of teachers who brought up their anecdotes with Claves. Whether they go missing, or end up in the Science lab who knows. The discussion ended up with cost, that some had struggled to get any decent Claves under £8.00. These A-Star models are a bargain and give a great tone. handheld percussion claves

A-Star Plastic Finger Castanets

These Castanets have proved a bit of a craze, so much so we’ve had to increase the stock on them! Light, versatile and easy to use, they are great to have in the classroom as they are easy to pick up and get involved straight away. handheld percussion

A-Star Mini Rainbomaker

A-Stars mini Rainbomaker is designed for smaller hands, possessing the same internal mechanism as its larger sibling. Recreating the magical sound of rainfall, light and robust it’s hard not to resist one of these dinky and sparking handheld instruments. Handheld percussion shaker

A-Star Wood Handled Plastic Maracas

An iconic design that are probably memorable of many of our school music education. These A-Star Maracas have a strong robust wooden handle. This makes them ideal to cope with the rigors of classroom workshops. handheld percussion maracas If you have any specific requirements or are looking to build your own class pack, please do feel free to get in touch via email to sales@normans.co.uk or give us a call on 01283535333