Without a mouthpiece a wind musician sounds… well... not at all! After the purchase of a quality instrument, the second most important element required to produce a great tone is the mouthpiece. It's logical that a wonderful mouthpiece helps make a wonderful sound. The majority of brass instrument mouthpieces on the market are expertly manufactured using high quality materials and finished with a lip-soothing hypoallergenic silver/nickel plating. Occasionally they even use gold. We stock a wide range of makes, models, diameters, rims, shanks, bores and cup sizes to suit all brass instruments and musical abilities.

A mouthpiece is for life... not just for Christmas.

The majority of professional and amateur brass musicians I know have used the same make/model/size mouthpiece for decades. Do you actually need more than one mouthpiece? Really it's personal choice. In my experience, I have heard many an ‘after-gig’ discussion regarding mouthpieces, mainly instigated and enthusiastically debated by trumpet players! But, whether you peformed perfectly or ‘split’ a few, it will always be the mouthpiece that takes the centre stage of culpability! Until recently, if you wanted to purchase a new mouthpiece, your (expensive) options were limited to the excellent and consistent Vincent Bach and Denis Wick range. But now there is a another, much more affordable and equally as impressive range produced exclusively for Normans: The Montreux Range. Manufactured to professional standards - using top quality brass engineering and nickel silver plating technologies - these mouthpieces really do offer a quality alternative for price-conscious and sound perfecting brass musicians.

A comprehensive list of every Montreux Brass Mouthpiece currently available:

  • Cornet 4B (equivalent size to Bach 2C or Denis Wick 4C)
  • Trumpet 7C (equivalent to Bach 7C or Denis Wick 4)
  • Tenor Horn 5 (similar to the Denis Wick 2 and Bach 5)
  • Trombone 12C - small shank (similar dimensions as the Bach 12C and Denis Wick 12CS)
  • Baritone 9BS - small shank (equivalent to the 9BS and Denis Wick 350-63/4C)
  • Trombone 6 ½ AL - large shank (alternative to the Denis Wick 6BL and Bach 6 ½ AL)
  • Euphonium 5G (similar to the Bach 5G and the Denis Wick 6AL)
  • Tuba 25 (equivalent of the Bach 24 and Denis Wick 3)
It is apparent that Montreux has provided an unbelievable quality mouthpiece at a fraction of the cost. In spite of this affordable price their manufacturing standards and finishes remain excellent.